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Leon Chagnon

Elizabeth Clare Prophet once spoke of Leon Chagnon, a Keeper of the Flame who made his ascension:

There was a very amazing occurrence in Washington, D.C., when we were there and I was being trained as a Messenger by beloved El Morya under Mark Prophet. On January 1, 1962, at the New Year’s Class which was held at the Theosophical Hall in Washington, D.C., a great being of Light spoke. It was Diana, Goddess of Fire, with Saint Germain.

This beloved servant of the Most High embodies the God consciousness of the sacred fire with her twin flame, Prince Oromasis, on behalf of elemental life. They are the ascended hierarchs of the kingdom of fire who direct the fire elementals, called salamanders. (As you know, there are ascended twin flames who are the hierarchs of the kingdoms of air, water and earth who direct the services to mankind of the sylphs, undines and gnomes.)

Now, at this service there was a venerable white-haired gentleman in attendance whom we scarcely knew. His outstanding feature was his fiery blue eyes. Well, it happened that during the dictation Beloved Diana called Mr. Chagnon to the front of the room and through Mark she addressed him thus:

O son of Heliopolis,[1] the blessing of the Most High be upon thee. Thy priesthood of love and light at inner levels is beauteous, is glorious. And I, Diana, in the name of Almighty God, say that thou art a priest of the sacred fire forever. Will you turn now and face these people? And everyone, please join hands with this blessed soul. Form a circle.

Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, blaze thy transmutative substance through these lifestreams and let them by the fire element find the blessing of Almighty God bearing forth the sacred fire I am releasing this day. Let them carry it and be firebearers throughout the earth, and let the earth find, even from this nucleus and those at inner levels, that the power of Light eternal shall free this earth in the name of Almighty God.

I, Diana, have spoken.

Then Saint Germain addressed the students and Mr. Chagnon with the following words:

Precious ones of the unfailing Light of God, lest you think these moments strange, let me tell you this: this Messenger did not know when he took this platform what the plan was for this meeting any more than individuals who open their eyes on a certain day will know what the events of that day will be until they have taken place. You do not know even now the full meaning or significance of this act.

Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God, without father and without mother, was an ancient member of the sacred-fire priesthood. I wish to call to the attention of those of you here that the historical knowledge of the mankind of earth is so muted and lacking in substance of truth that it has given a very perverted concept to mankind. Unfortunately they think in terms of one thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, or a million years. Aeons and aeons and aeons of time have passed and shall continue to pass.

The priesthood of Melchizedek and the glorious civilizations on other systems of worlds are unknown in the annals of humanity. And so here in this room today is a mixture (and I smile as I speak it), for here is a cross-section of many evolutions, root races, planetary beings from various systems of worlds. Even in your physical forms you are not all alike. And therefore it is not always strange as it may seem, for you have heard it said that truth is stranger than fiction. And I think this is true.

And, blessed ones, be at peace. The purpose of this may not even be known to your outer self. But I, Saint Germain, will tell you—if you do not know, beloved Mr. Chagnon—exactly why this has taken place when you either make your ascension or shall meet me. If you wish and desire it enough, at inner levels, even while your body sleeps, you may be able to come to the knowledge of what this really means.

So Mr. Chagnon, “Chag” as we all called him, became a Keeper of the Flame and we knew him for many years, even after we moved our headquarters to Colorado Springs. And I became aware of his passing after Mark’s ascension. And a number of years thereafter, Mark, whom we call the Ascended Master Lanello, escorted this one, this soul, to the sanctuary in Pasadena to present him to me as a newly ascended Master. And there he was—he had made his ascension from inner levels, this one who had come to that very small room in Washington and received the immediate recognition of Beloved Diana and Saint Germain.

And then on June 30, 1978, beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi, who was embodied as the blessed Saint Francis, made reference to these events in his dictation:

... I bow before Melchizedek and I say, “Hail, I AM THAT I AM. Hail, thou priest! Hail, Melchizedek! Hail, thou holy one. Hail, thou holy one of God.” Measure for measure, then, so now drink in that light. So it was spoken of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Thou art a priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek.”[2]

Beloved ones, there is one Keeper of the Flame who, in the very early days of the movement in the nation’s capital, came to be a part of this activity and was promised his ascension; and this one had followed in the lineage and the descent and in the path of initiation under this order.

And therefore, there comes with Melchizedek this day your own beloved Lanello and this one chela of the Light who has ascended in very recent months—one known to some of you as Leon E. A. Chagnon, to whom the LORD God has given this anointing.

This going before of one from among this body is the opening of the way of the dispensation [of the Melchizedekian Order]. This individual had endured many thousands of years in pursuit of that Path. Now there comes to you the bequeathing of a causal body, not of someone remote as a great cosmic being, but of one of your own members, a member of the body and the cell of God among you, bequeathing what you might call an “ordinary causal body,” as you would consider your own; and yet I say, that causal body is extraordinary as yours too can become, for it is supercharged with the white light of that holy order.

Not by signs and wonders and outer signs are the souls of devotees known, but by the clear recording of the Law itself, of the great computer of the Mind of God, of the very flow of the heart’s devotion.

Beloved ones, this blessed soul stood at the marriage of your own beloved Messengers [March 16, 1963]; and therefore, a very intimate friendship transpired over many years, even after the ascension of your beloved Mark.

Do you see, then, that the realization that you can reach out and touch a friend of Light, one who has walked among you, enables you to translate that realization to know that you may also reach out with your hand in this very moment and clasp the hand of Lanello and of this [newly Ascended Master] Leon, and of many others whose names are not known to you.

On February 26, 1997, El Morya announced that “Leon Chagnon made his ascension having balanced 73 percent of his karma.”[3]

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