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The ascended lady master Leonora is a patroness of science and invention. We can call for her to oversee the release of inventions and the correct knowledge for the protection of all that our nations need through the government and armed services. She works with Saint Germain in the Cave of Symbols. One of her inventions that was seen there by Guy Ballard was a radio that could pick up signals from any location on the earth, as well as other planets. It could also communicate with the etheric belt around the earth and with the interior of the earth.

Lady Leonora warns about the misuse of science and technology. She comments on techniques of mind control based on hypnotic designs and autosuggestion that would attempt to replace the Christ consciousness with so-called scientific methods:

Learned by rote, these methods will supposedly make man a master of himself. He is told that he will need no help from any other, save those who would make merchandise of him by promising to communicate to him the techniques of mind control. These, he is assured, will enable him to bend not only his own mind but also the minds of others at will. Thus, there is produced psychic domination by a psychic technology that would wrest the secrets of life from heaven itself.

Let those who tamper with higher law beware, for in olden times, it was this tampering that broke the lines of cosmic communication between unascended man and the Reality of God. By setting up a system of domination of self by self, men sought to establish a personal oligarchy that would require help from no one, not even from God himself.

The spirits who direct such unwholesome activities will tell men first that they have the means within themselves of going directly to God, that they require no instruction or aid from anyone except the Deity himself. Then, after they have convinced people of their own inner powers, they subtly introduce the lie that since they are doing so well on their own, perhaps they don’t really need Him after all.[1]

Leonora explains that the way to emancipation comes only through the Christ consciousness.

Mother Mary has urged us to call to Leonora:

Let America awake and pursue diligently the things of spiritual glory. And as America pursues the glories of Spirit, let it also pursue the necessary scientific advances of the age. I think it well if mankind would call to beloved Saint Germain and the lady master Leonora that a greater release of science and invention may be given so that it will become less possible for the powers of shadow to attack the democracy and the places known as the citadels of freedom.[2]


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