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The ascended lady master Leto teaches students on the Path how consciously to leave the body and to reenter at will and also how to draw upon the experiences in the masters’ retreats during the sleep of the physical body.


Leto’s twin flame is the ascended master Alexander Gaylord. Godfré Ray King’s book The Magic Presence recounts how Alexander Gaylord, while yet in embodiment and working for the Brotherhood, went on missions with Leto, who had ascended more than three hundred years earlier.[1]

Gaylord and Leto were embodied in the Inca civilization. At that time, he was a public servant and she was a devoted scientist, both highly attuned with the spiritual hierarchy. Drawing upon the healing focuses of the world, Leto has rendered great assistance to mankind, especially during periods of plague. As a scientist on Atlantis and later as a mystic in China, she devoted her energies to the precipitation of the flame of truth.

Her service today

Leto speaks of her service:

As some of you know, I have dedicated my lifestream to the science of the Divine Mother for many centuries, and in our retreat in Paris, serving with the Master of Paris and my twin flame, Alexander Gaylord, we have made many discoveries, not only discoveries of a scientific nature but those that show us how we can better communicate to the children of men the knowledge of the sacred laws of the universe, which, when applied, will give mankind their freedom.[2]

She is currently conducting scientific experiments and teaching the laws of alchemy to a select group of students.

The action of her flame is purple tinged with gold; appropriately, she wears a purple cape lined with gold. Her fragrance is heather and her radiation can be drawn through the melody “The Heather on the Hill,” from Brigadoon.

Leto says:

With the fragrance of heather I bring to your heart’s remembrance the love of twin flame and of little child. I bring to your heart the remembrance of love of the inner teacher. I am Leto, and heather is a symbol of my love of the Holy Spirit in nature and my devotion even to the light in the people of Scotland and the British Isles and many throughout the earth who are tied to me through the inner mystery schools and the work we have done together on the continent of Europe in the early ages when we set forth writings on the mysteries of Christ. It was a group of souls whose hearts were one, and we toiled into the night to leave a record and a memory of the indwelling light. Then again, you have come with me to the inner retreat of the Brotherhood in Persia where Cha Ara has called you to an understanding of the mysteries of the sacred fire and the path of Zarathustra.

I am a teacher of youth of every age. I taught Rex and Nada and Bob and Pearl, and I come to welcome you to the Cave of Light, retreat of the Great Divine Director in India, for here are activities for acceleration of candidates for the ascension. I especially work with children and youth who desire to give this lifetime to that path and to an extraordinary service to America, to Saint Germain. The color of violets, when meditated upon, will draw you nearer to the violet heart, the purple heart that I carry in the name of Saint Germain.[3]

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