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True color image of Mars taken by the European Space Agency Rosetta spacecraft
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The ascended masters teach that Mars in its true state is the planet that represents the Divine Mother and the base-of-the-spine chakra (mūlādhāra). The messenger has described Mars as “the white sphere of intense fiery energy of the Divine Mother.”

Long ago, the evolutions of Mars took that pure white light of the Mother and perverted it in war and misuses of the sacred fire. Through the misuse of free will and the base-of-the-spine chakra, they perverted the Mother Light in what we call the “Martian misqualifications.” War and other violent conflicts also come through the vibration and aura of Mars.

Martian misqualifications

The Martian misqualifications can manifest through any of the chakras but specifically relate to the misuse of the Mother Light in the base-of-the-spine chakra. They include: aggression, anger, arrogance, argumentation, accusation, agitation, apathy, atheism, annihilation, aggravation, aggressive mental suggestion; criticism, condemnation and judgment; malicious, ignorant, sympathetic and delicious animal magnetism; anti-Americanism, anti-Father, anti-Mother, anti-Christ and anti-Holy Spirit manifestations in the four quadrants of Matter.

The fact that so many of these misqualifications begin with the letter A indicates that they are also a perversion of the Light of the Father, Alpha. The Messenger has explained that “family mesmerism” is another manifestation of Martian energies. It is human attachment based on blood ties rather than spiritual ties. War and other violent conflicts also come through the vibration and aura of Mars.

The ultimate Martian misqualification is the creation of mechanization man, the godless creation (see the Great Divine Director, The Mechanization Concept, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 8 nos. 3–26; also published as TSO).

Life on Mars

The beings who live on Mars are on the astral plane, not the physical plane. Archangel Michael has given a glimpse of life on that planet:

The ultimate defeat of the Mother flame, if it occur as it has occurred in past ages, is chaos and anarchy, where a planetary body (such as Mars) is reduced to bands of individuals with their private armies taking their stands here and there, claiming their territories and warring against one another. This is a frightful situation, worse than the era of the feudal lords.[1]

We have evolutions of Martians in this solar system who are warlike, who are robotic and who have turned the energy of the Divine Mother to the misuse of nuclear power. Some of those evolutions of Mars are embodied on planet Earth, as we have evolutions here from every planet of this solar system and the asteroid belts as well as from planets and stars far beyond our solar system. Earth is a crossroads of many evolutions.

Mars and the Moon Mother

Kuthumi explains the connection between Mars and the Moon Mother:

Mars was originally the planet of purity, the purity of Mother’s light. By the acceleration of moon misqualification, the fallen ones have created in place of the culture of the Mother a moon mechanization, an astral society and an astral sociology—and all of this through the influence of the Moon Mother who has stolen the discipline of the white light of the disciples and created the Martian militarism as the focus in this white-fire core of the solar system of the perversion of the seven rays and the eighth ray.[2]

The Moon Mother has conquered Mars with her false hierarchy. They would like to now conquer Earth. What they want to do is to attempt try to transfer the microbes of evil from the place where they have spawned evil to the next place they seek to conquer. One way this happens is through our attention on Mars. Sending of vehicles from this planet to Mars puts the attention people on that planet, and this attention forms the arc whereby the astral energies of Mars return to Earth.

The defeat of Mars is by the power of the fourth ray: Serapis Bey, Astrea, Purity, Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Mother, and all of the hosts of the Great Kali, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin.

Mars and the victory of Earth

Zarathustra has explained how the destinies of the planets in the solar system are connected:

Beloved ones, if those who are the laggard evolutions reject the Light that is descending or refuse to accept it in any way or misqualify it by the power of Death and Hell or choose to divert it and therefore to get even and to serve their vendettas, then they shall be cut off. And you will see the separation of the etheric body from the earth body. And those who are of the Light will enter the etheric body and be separated as an envelope is separated, as a sheath is removed. And the Lightbearers shall return to the dwelling place of paradise in the etheric octave and the golden age shall be. And the earth itself, therefore, shall become one of these barren planets, for this is exactly what has occurred on Venus and on Mars.

Beloved ones, understand therefore that the evolutions of Light are in the etheric spheres and sheaths of these planetary homes that appear as barren or lifeless or as having temperatures too extreme, or climatic conditions not desirable or habitable or capable of sustaining organic life.

Understand, beloved ones, that one by one the planetary homes have been devastated. And therefore, we desire to see not the separation of the etheric body of the earth but rather that the intensity of Light that is descending should impel the majority of evolutions of earth to choose to live in the golden age. And if this be the case, beloved ones, and the actual, physical earth should enter the great golden age, then it would produce a chain reaction for the conversion of the entire solar system back to its original pristine purity at that etheric octave, capable of being lowered into the physical.

In astrology

Astrologers see Mars as the planet of action based on desire. Mars triggers energy that brings action, but whatever your desires are, that is where your energy will go and that is the type of action you will engage in. By hitching our desires to the star of our mighty I AM Presence, we can ride and subdue Mars—we can “ride the bull” and take advantage of the true creative fires of Mars, the pure white fire of the Divine Mother.

Each time we see a Mars configuration in our own astrology, we must determine to have a “Martian victory” in order to not be overcome by the perversions. Through mastering the Martian energies, we can gain our victory in the white fire of the Mother.

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