Mighty Angel Clothed with a Cloud

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A Mighty Angel Standeth upon the Land and upon the Sea, Benjamin West (c. 1797)

The tenth chapter of the Book of Revelation speaks of the angel “clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head ... and in his hand a little book.” This angel appeared to John the Revelator. The rainbow and the cloud are the causal body and the light of the I AM Presence. The little book is the concentrated energy of the Word of the masters spoken to the prophets.

The Mighty Angel Clothed with the Cloud has given one dictation through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He said:

I bear witness unto the light descending as the Word of the sons and daughters of God. I come from the fount of living flame. I have stood in the presence of Alpha and Omega. I am the angel which stands in the presence of the LORD God with seraphim and cherubim, and unto me is given the office of the transfer of the light of prophecy unto the prophets of the ages. And thus, the writing in the book is the writing in cipher of those energies that are uncoded cyclically each thousand cycles of the turning of God’s consciousness within the worlds upon worlds.

Within my heart I know billions of lifewaves. I know, for I am known of God. And as I gaze upon the consciousness that he has shared with his sons and daughters, I behold an infinite creativity on the part of those who have exalted free will within his will. And I behold also the infamy of those who have enshrined the darkness of nonexistence. And I stand to sound forth the clarion call of an age, for I am the herald of the ascended masters, and the little book is the concentrated energy of their Word spoken unto the prophets, spoken unto the prophets for their children evolving into the oneness of that flame.

I can be seen standing in the cities, standing in the temples, standing in the midst of the people. And those who desire truth are bidden to the initiation of that mighty angel that also appeared unto John. And with me is the sound of the Elohim. The thundering and the sounding of that voice is the tuning of a cosmos and of millions of souls.[1]

Sanat Kumara on the Mighty Angel

Sanat Kumara speaks of this mighty angel and reveals his name as Adoremus:

When John saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, he observed in his hand a little book open. This angel, by name Adoremus, had a face which appeared as the sun and feet as pillars of fire. With the full dominion of the Godhead whose messenger he is, he set his right foot upon the sea, showing the omnipotence of God over the subconscious mind and all it contains; and he set his left foot upon the earth, showing the omniscience of God to subdue the conscious mind and all that it contains.

(The right foot and the left foot of the mighty angel, which are as pillars of fire, symbolize the dominion of his cosmic consciousness over the sea and over the earth, the third and fourth quadrants of the Matter spheres. The feet are the symbol of understanding, and they represent and are symbolical of the initiations of the hierarchy of Pisces which the Lord Jesus Christ came to demonstrate.)

Then, with the authority of the Holy Ghost, he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roareth; and by the authority of the Great Guru Lord Maitreya, he gave the divine decree which evoked the seven thunders and the uttering of their voices.

The seven thunders are the seven mighty Elohim who come in the full power of the Holy Ghost to consume by love and by wisdom every manifestation that is Antichrist. The seven mighty Elohim give the statement of the Law that unfolds the path of initiation for the saints. This path of initiation is the message of the little book held open in the hand of the mighty angel.

The seven thunders uttered their voices, sounding the tone, the universal AUM, the way back Home for those called to embody the archetype of the living Christ on the seven rays. Their Word was and is the Word of God unto every soul longing for reunion. The divine decree uttered by the mighty angel, Adoremus—the one who adores the sevenfold expression of the Divine Us represented by the twin flames of Alpha and Omega within the seven mighty Elohim—brought forth the Word of Elohim concerning the Piscean path demonstrated by Jesus Christ.[2]


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