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Mighty Cosmos is a being whose self-awareness in God includes the all of cosmos—hence his name. He is commissioned by the Logos to ensoul the secret rays—energies of the fiery core of being, energies for initiation in the mysteries of the Christos.

The release of the secret rays to the earth

Embracing the cosmo-conception, the consciousness of the universe itself, Mighty Cosmos was commissioned by Alpha and Omega to come to the earth in 1939 with two of the five secret rays, which he anchored in a cosmic action and release of light in the North and South Poles.

Being aware of the cosmos, he is keenly attuned to the vibrational patterns of the evolutions of the earth to their original pitch, attuning them with the hum of creation. Holding the cosmo-conception of the light pattern and frequency of every lifestream, he enfolds the crystal cord of each one with the action of his own heart flame. As the light from the Presence descends into the individual forcefield of the evolving monad, Cosmos charges it with the divine pattern of the perfection of that lifestream. Thus, even before it enters the consciousness of man and before it can be misqualified, that energy is superimposed with the memory of the divine plan.

Mighty Cosmos has volunteered this service unto mankind in order that with each pulse beat, the individual may feel the pattern of his Electronic Presence and so desire to become that perfection. Mighty Cosmos is the scientist of all scientists, and he should be revered as the great mentor of our liberation through the knowledge of Universal Law in operation. In the field of science, he is unexcelled.

The action of the secret rays anchored by Mighty Cosmos at the Poles comes forth from two of the five bands in the center of the causal body where their colors and identity patterns remain unrevealed. The appearance of the two secret rays is a crystal-blue radiance, but this is only the reflection of the sheath in which these rays are sealed so that no destructive eye might probe their identity or action. These two rays, together with the seven represented to the earth by the chohans, the Elohim and the archangels, invoke the power of the three-times-three, or the magical number nine.

The secret ray anchored in the North Pole radiates beyond the equator along the longitudinal lines to the Tropic of Capricorn, focusing the masculine ray of the Godhead. The secret ray anchored in the South Pole radiates along the longitudinal lines past the equator to the Tropic of Cancer, focusing the feminine ray of the Godhead. Thus, there is an intense activity of the secret rays focusing the balanced action of Alpha and Omega in the tropical regions between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

A focus of the secret rays is maintained in the Temple of Peace over the Hawaiian Islands, balancing the masculine activity in the Northern Hemisphere and the feminine activity in the Southern Hemisphere. The attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) was an attempt by the dark forces to disrupt the action of the secret rays that are holding the balance as the earth enters the golden age.

The action of the secret rays

All five secret rays were released to the earth by Mighty Cosmos on April 8, 1973. This release marked the beginning of the initiation of the crucifixion for the earth and was the beginning of the great spiral of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius and the bringing in of the golden age. With that release, Cosmos explained the action of these secret rays:

Have you thought about the fact that there is a consciousness and awareness of God within the core of being that is the threefold flame and within the white fire that is the heart of every atom of man’s being? So then, I AM that consciousness; and you are that consciousness if you choose to ensoul the white fire.

I caution you not to leap into the flame without the realization that all that is human, all that is less than divine within you, must be consumed when you make that leap. I think of how mankind gingerly approach the waters of the sea, and they put in one toe and quickly withdraw it because it is too cold. Well, you might do the same because it is too hot. But the heat is only generated by the friction of your own consciousness in the flame.

Therefore, first divest thyself of the awareness of thyself as a being apart from God, apart from his preeminence; and then consider the allness that is man as the manifestation of God. Realize that that allness can only be the consuming fire. And there—there you stand. Take one step and enter the Flame, for that is how close the Flame is. That is how near divine perfection is. And that is how unreal the vanity of vanities is.[1] Only one step, and you step out of imperfection into perfection....

And so I have come forth to release at the behest of the Lords of Karma an extraordinary assistance through the momentum of the secret rays that descend now from the heart of Alpha and Omega, from the hearts of the mighty Elohim and their heavenly consorts who send forth the aspect of the masculine, the aspect of the feminine of the secret rays. And they are spiraling into manifestation through the etheric, the mental, the emotional, and into the physical plane of the planet Earth....

The secret rays are a haven for the blessed. Let all retreat to the secret rays and to the consciousness that I AM. For I AM Cosmos and I ensoul the cosmos with the power of the secret rays. And there is nowhere within this Giant Egg that you can go that you will not find my Self-awareness of the cosmic secret rays that come forth from the heart of Almighty God. And thou shalt find me in the rock and in the water, in the spring of life, in the heart of man, in the heart of a flower, in the clouds above, and in the stratosphere, and in all solar awarenesses; for I AM Cosmos, and I AM the precipitation of the masculine and feminine rays of Alpha and Omega....

So then the power of Mighty Cosmos is victorious “as Above, so below” this day. And the cycles of God-vision are released from the heart of the earth, from the heart of the four beings of the elements; and the planetary adjustments begin. For the LORD God requires this day that the four lower bodies of the planet Earth come into alignment and that the consciousness of Cosmos be made manifest north, south, east and west for the rectifying of the poles and of the axis in physical manifestation. So the spiral is released and so the manifestation shall be made plain at the hour and in the time of the LORD’s appointing.[2]

Mighty Cosmos gave a dispensation on July 1, 1995, whereby he added his needlelike rays to the reinforcement of the earth. He said these needlelike rays “can only be likened unto crystal fire, fire crystallized as pins, pins so tiny that they cannot even be measured.... I appreciate your calls to me. For my secret rays are a part of the holding together of the core in the center” of the earth.[3]

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