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Orion is a great patriot of light who works with Godfre and Saint Germain to expand the fires of freedom from the heart of the mountain to the hearts of mankind. He lived in America and ascended in the twentieth century. He works closely with elemental life and the four beings of the elements to maintain the balance of light in the earth focused in gold.

His service

In 1975, he spoke of his service:

I AM the Old Man of the Hills. You have not known my flame, and yet you have known my name. Orion I am called, and you have sung to the aureole of the dawn. You have called me Old Man, and I have laughed with a twinkle in my eye; for if you could see me, you would wonder whether or not I am an old man, a young man, or perhaps something in between. I come scaling the summits of life. And I work with elemental life and with God Tabor, spanning the mountain ranges of North America. I am in search of a chela, even as I was once in search of a guru, even as I met my master in the mountain.

I am a devotee of freedom, and I am proud to be called a patriot of life! For I release the fervor of my heart, and that fervor is a sphere of pink light around every star aborning—the stars of your soul, the stars of the flag that blows in the wind, the stars of the nations, the stars of planetary bodies. And I walk with Godfre; I walk with Saint Germain, ever kindling, with the fervor of my heart, the precious concepts of freedom they hold for mankind. And as I walk, many times in silence, meditating upon the words of God Obedience and of the Master of freedom’s flame, I hear them also in search of a chela—not one, but many.[1]

With clarity and emphasis this one who is ascended points out the need for constancy of application on the part of each student to his own individualized God Source for guidance in this world of form until he becomes one with this Source in the ascension in the light. For none can achieve immortality vicariously through the efforts of another. Beloved Orion, as encouragement to the students, tells of his own need for application to his God Source for direction during his personal Armageddon when, at an early age in his final embodiment, his untransmuted substance, expressed as misdemeanor, disconcerted his parents and brought down upon him condemnation from his associates. But his faith in God and his persistent effort toward mastery was such that he did achieve his eternal victory in the light.

His final embodiment

Orion speaks of a turning point in his final embodiment:

When I was yet unascended and in contemplation of the vast Sierras, as I gazed upon the mountains, I was inspired with the exaltation of the soul. And one night as I lay in camp alone, hearing the music of the stars, my soul took flight from my form and I consciously left my body temple for the first time. Lying there in the mountains looking unto the stars, the gaze of my eyes contacting whirling fiery centers transported my soul unto the causal body of ascended beings and my own I AM Presence, and I had a preview of the soul’s flight unto the ascension.

And how I rejoiced to know that which God holds in store for every living soul! How I rejoiced in that moment, transcending planes of consciousness, to see the servants of God as angels and seraphim and sylphs and masterful beings! And I saw how a cosmos is a succession, one by one, of body temples, of fiery vortices of consciousness becoming God, of God becoming selfhood in manifestation through the cycling of the stars and fiery bodies.

And my own guru upon that holy night came with a visitation of the birth of the Manchild; and I saw the Christ being born, and I saw the record of the descent of the soul of Jesus into that form. Even as I had risen from my body temple to experience planes of causal bodies, so I saw how the soul of the Avatar of the age had descended from his own starry body into form. And so I saw the cycles of life ascending and descending, descending and ascending, and souls upon the ladder reaching for the stars.

Cosmic purpose was born! And I thought: “I must take the record! I must take it to all those below who have not seen the vision of initiation and of freedom.” And the master said to me: “My son, when they are ready, they will have the same initiation that you have been given. And until that hour and that moment, let your communication be with the fiery core of Self and let it be the affirmation of Reality. Let it be the tutoring in the outer of souls—not of the ultimate, but of the next step on the Path.

“Do not burden souls on Terra with the knowledge of the steps high upon the mountain where the rocky crevices are formidable indeed. They cannot equate with higher initiation. They are concerned with the next step; and that step may very well be how to pay the light bill and how to buy the groceries and how to comfort the sick child and how to earn a living and how to bake the bread. These are initiations that pave the way for the mystical union of the body of God on earth and the body of God in heaven.”

And so with these words and more of a teaching so profound and so joyous that I leave you to the communion of your own Master of Life to receive it, I descended once again to my body temple high in the Sierras, and I found myself once again gazing upon the stars in the firmament of God’s being. And I rubbed my eyes and I said, “Was it a dream? Was it a dream?” And I knew in my soul that I had contacted a vastness and a plane of mind where the few are privileged to be.

And when morning came and the sun and the sound of the birds, I remembered the sound of the stars, and I saw even the birds as emissaries of hierarchy speaking to ears that will not listen to the inner sound, singing of a lost chord, singing of hierarchy! And I looked at the birds and all of the kinds of birds and I said, “This is hierarchy. This is the physical manifestation of all the beings who inhabit the spheres.” And as I thought upon nature and the trees and the mountains and the rock and particles of being, I knew profoundly: God is All-in-all. God is All-in-all! Simple words, I know; but when experienced, profound beyond the word. And what can you say to a friend along life’s way when you have had the initiation of the stars? Better keep the silence and say, “God is All-in-all!”[2]

Through his ascended master lens of perception, beloved Orion has observed the wickedness in high places of these latter days, and has discoursed upon the subtle and nefarious plot of the forces of negation to undermine the world economy and to bring about ultimate bankruptcy through excessive price and tax fixing, the exporting of America’s gold and the devaluation of the dollar. It is not that the coin of the realm will buy our passport into heaven, but it does oil the machinery of our vehicles of transportation toward eternal goals. It is this spiritual train of progress that the hordes of shadow would derail; it is spiritual bankruptcy that they desire to precipitate; it is the gold of celestial values that they seek to devaluate; it is the souls of men that they desire to have in order that they may stymie all that God holds near and dear to man. The Old Man of the Hills pleads that we decree for the God-control of the economy.

Orion says:

Now rejoice! For I am close at hand; and I take my walking stick and I hike into the mountains and I anchor my flame in a physical, tangible body. And by and by, one of these days when you are hiking in the mountains, you may see afar off a form of one—perhaps an old man, perhaps a young man, perhaps the flame of Orion! From my heart to your heart, the flame of the mountain glows.[3]


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Orion maintains a focus in the Rocky Mountains.


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