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The office of the President of the United States of America is a spiritual office in the Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. The one who is elected to this office is intended to have the mantle and sponsorship of the Brotherhood.

The mantle and the one who wears it

The Goddess of Liberty explained in 1986:

Few officeholders are perfect but the mantle of the office that comes from the Great White Brotherhood is indeed perfect. Therefore, respect the mantle of the office of the President of the United States, which since the anointing of George Washington has been a mantle in the hierarchy of the Brotherhood.

There have been officeholders who have scarcely understood the mantle. Some have betrayed it, some have gone against the Light [Christ consciousness] of the I AM Presence. But because the mantle itself was present, as some have remarked, the nation has survived its presidents!...

Understand, then,... there are circumstances and individuals and even his own karma that may prevent the best use of that mantle and the wielding of it in a stronger defense of freedom. I say pray for the officeholder to come into alignment with the mantle itself. And offer the prayer upon all elected representatives and those not elected that the mantle of Christ descend.

The Goddess of Liberty explained:

The mantle itself will perform its work when invoked by you. Since it is a qualification of the representatives of the people of this nation to be the bearers of the Light and the mantle of the Christ, therefore you may invoke it. And therefore you may use the Judgment Call to demand the judgment of those individuals who have betrayed the office of Mediator, which office is essential in the interpretation and execution of the Constitution.[1]

George Washington, first president of the United States

The descent of the mantle from ancient Israel

The profile of George Washington, the nation’s first president is the archetype of the people of Israel. He is a true member of the house of David. And through the lineage of the descent of the kings of David after Saul through David, Solomon, Rehoboam, Jeroboam and finally through princesses that came from the house, the royal house of Israel was transferred to the British crown. But there was the infiltration of that crown by the seed of the fallen ones.

So the transfer of that mantle was made with the founding of America, and it was George Washington who received the anointing of Saint Germain. The legend of the Wissahikon tells of the coming of Saint Germain to George Washington in the winter, and there he was anointed to be the first president of the United States of America, anointed by Samuel, the same prophet, the same spirit who anointed David and the kings of Israel.[2] And so the transfer was made from the British Isles to America.

Many of the children of the house of Israel also moved, and they scattered abroad to all of the English-speaking nations. But the lineage of the royal house of David rested upon George Washington. It was transferred to others of the Presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln being a key archetype of the people of Israel. But again the infiltration came and some of the fallen ones have occupied that position. And as they have occupied it they have betrayed the people of Israel and the twelve tribes.

Withdrawal of the anointing

On November 8, 1987, the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered Saint Germain’s message pronouncing the LORD’s judgment on Ronald Reagan for his abdication of his responsibilities as the president of the United States. In a dictation given February 26, 1988, Archangel Gabriel stated that the spiritual mantle of the presidency had been withdrawn from Ronald Reagan and that “he no longer walks holding the mantle of Saint Germain.”[3]

Though not all who wore the mantle were worthy of it, yet for more than two hundred years the mantle was not withdrawn, for the soul of a nation was worthy. In that hour the people themselves had neglected their God and their true Prophets and they had failed to challenge the politics of Evil in their midst. Hence it was they who had forfeited the Divine Right to have an anointed head of state.

The responsibility to bear the mantle

On July 3, 1988, four months prior to the election of George Bush as the next president, Alpha and Omega said in a dictation:

By the time we address you again, the head of state of this nation shall have changed. Leaders who have betrayed will be displaced by still others who shall betray. Inasmuch as there has not appeared in the land one who could bear the mantle of that office at the level of Christhood required (and unless by some miracle one should displace the candidates who have lined up), we say that the Mantle of Alpha, the Mantle of Omega, of Saint Germain and Portia shall not descend upon the next holder of that office.

As in the days of Israel when all looked for the Messiah and the birth thereof and parents prepared themselves as initiates on the Path, so in this day every chela of El Morya, out of compassion for his heart and Presence and burden, ought to consider himself in preparation to receive that mantle....

All must look to the heart, all must look to the Holy Christ Self and say, “I will prepare myself to bear this mantle or perhaps a portion thereof. I must represent my nation under God and somehow bear physically the virtues required of one who enters the office of the President of the United States.” Spiritually speaking, beloved, see yourselves as candles on a giant cake, each one bearing that office; for the office itself must not perish from the earth.[4]

On March 31, 1991, the fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America said:

How are we to direct the course of this nation or any nation when you the people of Light have allowed these fallen ones to remain in positions of power?

Beloved ones, since the founding of this nation there have been in the White House scarcely a dozen, if that, of those who hold any Light. The office of the President of the United States has been defiled again and again until Saint Germain would not place that mantle again upon the current [or any future] president [who does not have that Christ consciousness].

He has said:

Enough is enough! I have sponsored a nation. I have sponsored a people of God. And they have gone their ways and they have allowed themselves to be divided and they have not moved together in one fiery spirit to challenge the godless who take from them my dispensation of the age of Aquarius.

Go, then, ye Fourteen Ascended Masters. Tell them! Tell my people gathered on the Mount Zion in Montana! Tell them that they must galvanize a people, not according to political alliances but according to the alliance of Almighty God!

Come apart, then, and be that separate people chosen unto God. Choose your election well, for this is the hour when the Liberty Bell shall either toll its death knell or resound with a mighty spirit of liberation to all peoples from here to China and back again![5]

For more information

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