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The resurrection flame is an acceleration of the threefold flame whereby the pink, blue and yellow plumes blend as one flame having the rainbow iridescence of mother-of-pearl. The presence of the color spectrum within the flame signifies that its intensity or velocity is just beneath that of the pure white fire of the ascension current.

The resurrection flame is used to resuscitate and to heal the four lower bodies by releasing the power locked within the white-fire core of every atom of man’s being. The ascension flame is used to accelerate his bodies to the point of total reunion not only with the white fire core of his atoms but also with his own I AM Presence. Thus in the invocation of the resurrection flame, the light from within the atoms is drawn without to heal man’s “flesh.” In the invocation of the ascension flame, the flesh itself is accelerated to the frequency of the light within the atom.

Gautama Buddha describes the power of the resurrection flame:

The effect of this flame upon the environment where it descends may be comparable to the energy released in the splitting of the atom. By resurrection’s flame not only was the stone rolled away, but boulders were cleaved asunder, the mountains moved, the thunder and the lightning descended, and that which was mortal was set aside as Jesus walked the earth to complete his life span and service, fully the embodiment of the spirit of the resurrection.

The blessed one, as the Son of man, did demonstrate what must be demonstrated by the evolutions of the planet in this hour.[1]

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