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The Heart of the Inner Retreat

The Retreat of the Divine Mother is the retreat of Lady Master Venus. It is in the etheric octave in the Rocky Mountains on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park. The physical focus of the retreat is the Royal Teton Ranch, a property secured by students of the masters under their guidance as an outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood.

On December 15, 1985, Sanat Kumara announced the opening of the door of the Temple of the Divine Mother:

The Mother has waited long for the coming of the Buddha out of the heart of Shamballa. She has waited long for your coming. And she does hold the balance of ancient civilizations that have occurred, both on Lemuria and Atlantis and those long forgotten upon this continent as well as in other areas of the earth.

This great and vast temple of light, beloved, has been prepared over aeons. It is the place of the gathering of the culture of all nations and peoples. It is the place of the drawing together of many lifewaves. Therefore, minister to them, understand them, feed them the teachings of the path of their own soul’s resolution, their own soul’s calling, and their own soul’s tradition.

In the heart of Lady Venus, who keeps the flame of Mother Earth with you, the flame of the Divine Mother of Love does abide. Thus Venus, initiator with the holy Kumaras of your souls on the path of the ruby ray, does position herself in this hour in the etheric retreat of the Divine Mother over this Ranch, arcing her heart’s love to the retreats of the earth, to the Goddess of Liberty, and to every soul who must journey there.[1]

In 1986 Gautama Buddha spoke of this retreat and of his own, the Western Shamballa, also established in this location:

Almighty ones of light I AM THAT I AM, now you understand that the Western Shamballa, sealed over the Heart of the Inner Retreat and extending for many miles radiating out therefrom, is a consecration of a shrine made holy by the footsteps of archangels long ago. Now you understand that the white-fire/blue-fire sun that has come in the establishment of the Retreat of the Divine Mother, with Lady Master Venus presiding over the Ranch, is also the polarity of that Western Shamballa. As you have heard, then, and understood, you can see that for aeons heaven has been banking upon this area as a place preserved, reserved, then, for evolutions who will come apart because they have been taken to the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.[2]

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