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Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace

Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl are ascended master youth who lived in the twentieth century in the United States. They received the initiations for the ascension under the auspices of the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Lady Master Leto and the messengers Godfre and Lotus in the 1930s.

Their activity is to serve the youth of the world by drawing forth the threefold flame from the white-fire core of every atom and cell in the being of man. Pearl focuses the purity of the fourth ray (white); Bob, the first ray (blue); Nada, the third ray (pink); and Rex, the second ray (gold).


In their final embodiment, Rex and Nada were the son and daughter of Daniel and Nada Rayborn, also initiates of the Brotherhood, whose ascensions preceded those of their children. Bob and Pearl Singleton were brother and sister who were also students of Saint Germain. The Master revealed to them that Rex and Pearl were twin flames and that Bob and Nada were also twin flames.

Rex has been both a teacher of truth and a leader of men in the armies of the great nations of the world, including Greece, France, England and America. He has also served on the fifth ray as a famous scientist in several lives.

On Atlantis, Pearl served as a vestal virgin in the Temple of Light. She was the most exalted of all the sisters of the temple. She lost her life when the temple was ravaged by Atlantean rebels, but her momentum of service to the light was retained and brought forth again and again in subsequent embodiments. Throughout many lifetimes, she has been a teacher of truth.

Nada was embodied as a mogul emperor of India. During her reign, a great culture and unification of the people took place under the influence of the great love that she expanded through her own heart flame in their behalf. In other embodiments she was a high priestess in a temple in Egypt, the child of an Arab sheik, and served with her twin flame on Atlantis when his uncle was one of the great master-rulers. Her desire for the light has been the dominant theme throughout her hundreds of lives on this planet. Bob served nobly and well under George Washington during the American Revolution.

Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl were all embodied together at the time of Enoch. Rex explains:

You have heard the word of the ascended master Enoch, our great father, who did explain in his dictation that in the profound hour of the light’s increase within him, as he did kneel before an holy angel, was stoned by us, not I alone, beloved, but by all of us who were in embodiment at that time.

And our father Enoch did pray profoundly for us that we could come to the understanding of this “old man” and that we could feel the light and see his Path. And therefore he did become our sponsor, and this beloved hierarch did not leave us alone but did pursue us lifetime after lifetime. And thus we did receive many initiations under his sponsorship until the time came when we must undergo the fiery trial, the trial by fire, beloved, in the physical octave.

For we were called as sons and daughters of Venus. We were called to demonstrate upon earth that initiation of the sacred fire and the physical fire that there might be a record on this earth and in the holy books of what truly can be the physical trial by fire. And you will note that it was not one of the Hebrews but a pagan king who did take note of the three cast into the furnace and another, a fourth, like unto the Son of God. Blessed ones, our bodies were prepared for many centuries for that initiation both at inner levels and in embodiment. And therefore when placed in that furnace our physical bodies remained untouched by the fire nor was the smell of smoke found upon our garments.

In that hour, beloved, I was therefore overshadowed by the Son of God, the integrating Christ Presence of Jesus, our Lord. And the other three were the beloved Pearl and Bob and Nada. Thus, they were the three in physical form and I, the fourth, the abiding Presence.[1] And through that initiation and our successful passage through it, from that moment we did receive the acceleration of our physical bodies. And that acceleration did remain with us in succeeding embodiments all the way to this century....

Because we did pass through that fiery trial and did continue to embody lifetime after lifetime as initiates of the Great White Brotherhood, we did come to the hour in this century when we received the call of Saint Germain. And he made known to us that because we had sustained the light of our prior initiations in these bodies and because we had increased the light in them continuously since the hour of the trial by fire, our bodies and therefore we ourselves were prepared, and we could be received as candidates for the physical ascension. Thus, in answer to your question and your wonderment, beloved, it is an absolute truth written in the records of akasha and it is scientific fact that we four did indeed make the physical ascension!

Saint Germain desired profoundly that this example and record should be recorded in akasha so that when the golden age would come forth according to his dreams because of the expected fulfillment of his purposes in the founding of the I AM Activity, those evolutions who should embody, who should have increasing attainment and who should have passed through initiations parallel to our own might also experience the physical ascension. Saint Germain desired to seal in akasha the record of the possibility of the physical ascension, which to this day remains an exception to the rule.[2]

Their service today

In their joint service to mankind, Rex, Pearl, Bob and Nada focus the flame of eternal youth for people of all ages. They have a tremendous momentum of devotion and service to children and youth that may be invoked for the implementation of the Brotherhood’s plan for the youth of the world and for education.

The ascended master Rex speaks of the importance of bringing ascended master concepts to our children and youth:

O America, land of my youth and land of my victory! How I remember thee as I walked through thy hills, as I meditated upon God in thy forests, in thy mountains, O America, in the mists of the morning as I dwelt neath the trees and ordered my thoughts and feelings within the heart flame of my own God Presence.

I remember well that day, the day when there appeared to me that holy presence of life in the ascended master Saint Germain with his great promise of victory of the ascension, not only for my lifestream but for all the youth of America—his great promise of freedom that would be won in this nation, this great nation under God. He spoke to me of the ascended master youth of America, and he spoke to me of youth as a concept within his heart for all men whatever the age of the forms they might be wearing.

But he stressed to me upon that day, that early morn when the sun was streaming through the trees glistening in the dew drops, on that holy dawn he explained to me that when the concepts of the ascended masters are embodied early in the years, they are anchored there within the matrix, within the mind and feeling world of the people, of the children. And so when they attain maturity and adulthood the ritual of those concepts is established within their four lower bodies; and so the great victory of light can shine forth from their faces and their hearts even as the sun was shining forth upon that morning.

And so he told me of the great need for the establishment of focuses of light that would appeal to the youth of America, which would draw them unto their own God Presence, which would enable them to realize so clearly the contrast between the light of God and the simulated light of the outer world with its sordid activities that depreciate the Christ in the youth. And he said that these must be established, these focuses of light, and he looked to this century, to this age, for those workers who would come together and pledge themselves to the youth of the world.[3]

In 1989 Rex announced that he had come from the planet Venus with Nada, Bob and Pearl and a mandala of twenty-five thousand ascended master youth in order to sponsor the youth of the world. They have taken up their abode in the Retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch.

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