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Rock music is music to a syncopated 4/4 beat.

There are four petals in the base-of-the-spine chakra, and the true rhythm of that chakra is the march time, which causes the rising of the light within you. The syncopated beat causes the descent of light, so it pulls all of your energies down, getting them into the lower chakras.

This results in the light not rising for the stimulation of the heart, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown, so all of your energy is in the lower nature. Rock music combined with drugs, sugar, alcohol, and nicotine represents a tremendous attack on our youth to deny them the fullness of their Christhood.

The natural rhythm of the chakras

Out of the Mother flame comes the rhythm of all rhythm. The Mother flame is located in the base chakra at the base of the spine. It is a white sphere of light sealed until we meditate upon this energy for its rising upon the spinal altar. As these petals begin to turn by the action of our meditation and the sounding of the Word, they manifest the rhythms of life: 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 2/4, 12/8, 5/4, 7/4 and 12/4. The basis of four in all of these rhythms comes out of the Mother as fire, air, water and earth—the foundation of our pyramid of life.

In the 4/4 rhythm, we feel the release of Mother energy in a disciplined cycle, and the wheel of the chakra begins to turn. Out of the turning is produced the 3/4 time that is the beating of the heart. Three-quarter time is the rhythm of Alpha and Omega in the T’ai Chi, whirling in the center of the heart. Out of this whirling energy worlds are framed.

The 4/4 time of the four-petaled base chakra is the discipline of the march time, and upon that base, the very pyramid of life is built. If Matter does not descend according to that Matter square, that cosmic cube is going to be askew and awry and out of alignment, and it will not be a proper chalice for the Light to descend.

When the 4/4 time in a disciplined beat causes that base chakra to spin, it gently begins to turn, and that Mother Light as a crystal rises on the spinal altar. As it rises, it waters and nourishes each chakra with the negative polarity of the Divine Mother. And as it rises and you also call for the Light of your I AM Presence to descend into your temple (the Light of the Father and the masculine ray), the Light of your Presence gives to your chakras the masculine, or plus, polarity.

Thus the Mother is rising and the Father is descending, and this is how you achieve the balance of wholeness and Alpha and Omega in each chakra and in your temple. The cradle of the heart, then, is where the union of the Father-Mother God in you gives birth to the Universal Christ.

The syncopated 4/4 beat

What happened with the entrance into the 1960s is that the 4/4 time was corrupted with the syncopated beat of rock music. The syncopated beat is an uneven beat. It is not disciplined. It also goes counter to the heartbeat itself. So with the syncopated beat of rock music, the energy of the spine does not rise but it falls, and the life-force in your being then descends.

Unwittingly and ignorantly, then, many people on earth, especially the youth, have come to like this music and have developed a habit of listening to it to the point where it actually has become an addiction.

The fallen ones seek the bliss of reunion of the light of the Mother with the light of the Father, but they can’t have it without submission to the living Christ. So they invert the beat, and the vibration of the energy descending becomes the synthetic experience, or the inverted experience, of the raising of the Kundalini fire—one of the greatest experiences of the soul in its reunion with God when it occurs under the Guru Maitreya, your own I AM Presence and your Christ Self.

The sensation is the movement of energy. So the raising of the light through the chakras results in the wholeness of the light of Alpha and Omega as the Kundalini ascends. The descent is also a movement, a vibration, a sensation. If one has never tasted the pure nectar of God, how does one know that the synthetic nectar is inferior? Thus the rock beat is for the descent of the Kundalini and has its own perverted bliss, which is the substitute experience for reunion with God.

This is the reason for the conception of the rhythm of the pit.[1] This is the reason people are addicted to rock music—because it does create a movement of energy. And the descent of the Kundalini fire is the stripping of the chakras of that wholeness and the expending of that energy of wholeness. And thus, when you don’t have the proof of the real thing, you can’t understand why the synthetic, the counterfeit, is wrong.

The descent of energy

When this energy descends, it doesn’t do so gently; it comes down violently. And as it descends, it tears the delicate membranes around the chakras where the spiritual light is entering the central nervous system in the spine. So the energy of the spine is released in these little tears in the garment, in the sheath of your inner being. As it is released, it gives a sensation that you can experience as a “rush” or a “high.”

People say they don’t need to take drugs because they get high on rock music. This is exactly true, because the light of the sacred fire is very powerful; when it is released, there is a high. And so you get used to that release and you want to listen to more rock music. When you’re not listening to it, there is an uncomfortability, and you feel better when that energy is released through listening to the music again. So it becomes a cycle that you can’t get out of easily.

When that energy is released, it is lost; you don’t retain it. There is the slow bleeding of your life-force causing early aging, early degeneracy of the mind, chaos in the chakras, and you can’t concentrate for very long. You can’t focus because there is no energy in the third-eye chakra and in the crown. What has also come to pass is the energy descending into the lower chakras and not rising puts all of the weight of the life-force in those chakras. That energy must go somewhere. So with the advent of rock music, the logical sequence is a sexual revolution, free sex and a greater promiscuity.

Rock music is the perversion of sound and rhythm that was already in vogue in the last days of Atlantis and was one of the factors that contributed to the breaking up and the cataclysm that resulted in the sinking of the continent.


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  1. The lowest levels of the astral plane. See Rev. 9:1–12; 11:7; 17:8; 20:1–3.