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A root race is a group of souls, or a lifewave, who embody together and have a unique archetypal pattern, divine plan, and mission to fulfill on earth. According to esoteric tradition, there are seven primary aggregations of souls, i.e., the first to the seventh root races.

The first three root races lived in purity and innocence upon earth in three golden ages before the Fall of Adam and Eve. Through obedience to cosmic law and total identification with the Real Self, these three root races won their immortal freedom and ascended from earth.

It was during the time of the fourth root race, on the continent of Lemuria, that the allegorical Fall took place under the influence of the fallen angels known as Serpents (because they used the serpentine spinal energies to beguile the soul, or female principle in mankind, as a means to their end of lowering the masculine potential, thereby emasculating the Sons of God).

The fourth, fifth, and sixth root races (the latter soul group not having entirely descended into physical incarnation) remain in embodiment on earth today. The seventh root race is destined to incarnate on the continent of South America in the Aquarian age.

The Manus

Each root race embodies under the aegis of a Manu (Sanskrit, “progenitor” or “lawgiver”), who embodies the Christic image for the race.

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