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The All-Seeing Eye of God

Abiding within the white-fire core of God’s Being is the Great Silent Watcher, the beholder of the fiery destiny of all the son galaxies and their evolutions that have ever proceeded from the Great Hub of Life. This office of hierarchy is essential to every level of God’s Self-conscious awareness throughout the universe of his individualization, both in and out of form.

Focusing the purity of the immaculate design of all who have gone forth in an identity pattern apart from God with or without the gift of free will, the Great Silent Watcher is the beacon of the eye of God. When trained upon any being or segment of the universe, this beacon “squares the matrix”—that is, realigns the energies with the original blueprint, the image most holy that is stamped upon the seed atom when the I AM Presence is born in the heart of the Hub.

Every beloved son and daughter begotten of the Father-Mother God is overshadowed by a Silent Watcher who guards the flame of the All-Seeing Eye, who nourishes and expands the matrix of its destiny—that portion of the Deity which is to be established within the Monad, first as cause in Spirit and then as effect in Matter.

Wherever they serve throughout cosmos, the Silent Watchers hold the network of the cosmic antahkarana. As pillars of fire, they stand in the Temples of the Sun—magnets of perfection, mirrors of Cosmic Truth. Filigree threads of light connect the energies of their service, creating the lines of force that hold galaxies in orbit around the center of God’s Being.

Not the pull of gravity, which is man’s explanation for this attraction between heavenly bodies, but the magnetism of the Holy Spirit—the intense love of the Creator’s plan held in the heart of the Silent Watchers—keeps the flaming sons and daughters of God upon their appointed rounds.

The Great Central Sun Magnet, the center of flaming love-purity within the Hub, is the focus of the Holy Spirit of God. It energizes the momentums of unity that make all of the universes of God’s conscious manifestation an individed whole, an integrated network of galaxies evolving from one dimension to the next. The Great Central Sun Magnet is the energy source for the flame of life wherever it manifests. The Silent Watchers are the keepers of that flame. With the assistance of innumerable helpers, they guard its purity and power, its wisdom and love.

Silent Watchers at every level of hierarchy


The Great Silent Watcher in the Great Central Sun, whom we know as the Elohim Cyclopea, is encircled by 144 God Flames, each of whom is over countless legions who have but one goal in life: the bringing forth of the image of the Christ throughout the Macrocosm and the microcosm of God’s Being.

Silent Watchers throughout cosmos

Every individualization of the God Flame from the center to the periphery of the Cosmic Egg is guarded by a Silent Watcher. God has left no manifestation of himself without a guardian spirit to supervise the correct outpicturing of the Christed plan for its manifestation.

The Holy Christ Self

In man the Silent Watcher is the Mediator known as the Christ Self.


In nature the Silent Watchers serving under Cyclopea are the devas who hold the Christ-pattern for the blessed elementals.

Seraphim and cherubim

In angelic realms the mighty seraphim and the covering cherubim are entrusted with the responsibility of guarding the immaculate conception of life.

The seraphim tend the focus of the Electronic Presence of the Almighty—the greatest Silent Watcher of all—in the flaming sea of crystal in the very heart of the Hub. Merging with the crystal and the flame, they dance before the throne in a twenty-four-“hour” or twenty-four-phase cycle.

Every “hour” a new band of seraphim arrives from the far reaches of cosmos to assume their place on the platform that revolves around the Great Flame of Life, focus of the Most High God. As these arrive, another band leaves, and so on in each twenty-four-“hour” cycle. Thus the bands of seraphim, each in multiples of 144,000, stand in the presence of God twenty-three “hours” and serve in the world of form one “hour.” Being saturated with the crystal fire radiance of God himself, the seraphim can never be contaminated by unascended evolutions (as were the angels who fell with Lucifer), for it is literally impossible to slow down the frequency of their holy auras.

The seraphim receive the great solar “heat” generated by the fires of God’s heart over a figure-eight pattern used to step down the tremendous velocity of the Christ light released from the center of God’s Being through the “wings” of the seraphim and thence to the periphery of universal manifestation. The seraphim assist the Great Silent Watchers to radiate this light through the universes of the Macrocosm, where the Christ Self of stars, planets and sons serves to step down the energies conveyed by the seraphim to the level of individual need.

Thus it is the service of the Silent Watchers to act as agents of the Great Central Sun Magnet to step down from one level of God’s Self-awareness to the next the energies of God’s potential, so that these might be useful and relevant to each successive stage of evolving life.

The antahkarana

The antahkarana (the web of life) is composed of the filigree threads that connect the Silent Watchers serving throughout the Macrocosm. This antahkarana is the conductor of the energies of the Great Central Sun Magnet. The crystal cord that connects the God Self and the Christ Self with the Great Central Sun Magnet is part of this antahkarana. Think of how many suns and son galaxies, how many step-downs or transformations this web must pass through before the energy of God becomes assimilable for our use!

In 1979, Cyclopea said:

I am joined on this platform by numerous Great Silent Watchers who keep the watch of the immaculate design for each soul, each system of worlds, each galaxy. Contemplate Elohim and Great Silent Watchers without number through the vast cosmos that is God, holding the matrix of the Mother light for the intricacies of starry worlds and of souls and of light itself.[1]

Cyclopea and Virginia have explained that these great beings are known as silent because “it is the silence of the inner Holy of holies whereby the outer manifestation is sustained.”[2]

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