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Florence Miller
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In her final incarnation, the ascended lady master Kristine was embodied as Florence Jeannette Miller.

Florence Miller

Florence was born on February 27, 1936, in Krugersdorp, South Africa. She grew up in South Africa and the Belgian Congo and received most of her high school education through American correspondence courses. At the age of 16, she and her parents moved to Brussels, Belgium. She later worked in London and South Africa as a secretary before starting college. She received an Associate in Arts degree from Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois and a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from the University of Wisconsin. After college, she worked in Toronto, Canada, for several years as a research assistant for the Canadian Education Association.

Florence found the teachings of the ascended masters in 1968, while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The minute she saw photographs of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, she recognized them as true messengers of God. In October 1968, she joined the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, where she later served as head of the publishing department and as a member of the Board of Directors of Church Universal and Triumphant. She was a pillar of strength and inspiration to all who knew her, always bringing self-discipline, creativity, dedication and a spirit of joy to her work.

While serving on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, Florence met and married the Reverend Norman Thomas Miller. Tom has said of her:

Florence Miller

She was just an incredible light—a magnificent devotee, not only of the teachings but of the messengers personally. Helping them to fulfill their role was her greatest joy. She thrived on challenges ... and always kept her poise through any difficult situation. It was a wonderful thing to behold.... She had that flame of accomplishment and victory and moving ahead. She was balanced, beautiful ... a great servant of light. The fervor of her dedication to the cause of world freedom and enlightenment set a high standard for all to emulate. Her devotion to God was a rare gift. It told me she had touched the hem of Christ’s garment....

She was the kind of person who, in the midst of many responsibilities, would always respond spontaneously with her heart to people’s personal problems or any situation that would crop up in the course of the day.... I was extremely privileged ... to be married to the blessed Florence.

Her ascension

On September 19, 1979, at the age of 43, Florence passed from the screen of life as a result of a brain tumor. The next morning, her soul fulfilled at inner levels the initiation of the ascension. She is now known and loved as the ascended lady master Kristine. The title Lady Kristine had been given to her by Saint Germain on July 5, 1970.

Sanat Kumara proclaimed her “the example and forerunner on the path of the ruby ray.” He said of her that “her path for many centuries had been that of surrender, self-sacrifice, service and selflessness guided by the ascended masters under the four cosmic forces. Always living for the mission of the guru and my messengers, she transcended earthly modes and manifestations. Her light filled the cups of consciousness to overflowing, creating new streams of immersion in Christ’s love for all following the breezes of her billowing bridal garment.”[1]

Teresa of Avila, Peter Paul Rubens (1615)

Teresa of Avila

In a previous incarnation, Lady Kristine was embodied as the sixteenth-century Catholic mystic Saint Teresa of Avila. In 1998 Raphael and Mother Mary announced that she had become a bodhisattva.

The goal of the ascension

In 1983 Lady Kristine said:

I am a flower in the field of life. One day the Saviour passed by and plucked me to his heart, and I became the special one that he would no longer leave in the field. I would miss my fellows and even shed a tear, longing to be in the tall grasses with them in their play and in their labor. But in his heart he took me and to another field where I saw another harvest—Elysian Fields where lilies grow and other saints that you and I have known.

Thus, beloved, the parting is the regathering. And we may all understand that being plucked to the Saviour’s heart—this special offering will come to each and every one in time and in space and beyond. And when the hour comes, as you may anticipate your own victory, you will know that all who have gone before you, the blessed friends of light and the saints, have all become a bouquet in the heart of the living Saviour. And the Lord Jesus Christ, who has taken us to himself, presents his bouquet to the Mother of the World. Therefore is our preaching and our teaching not in vain. For, after all, our goal in ascending is to be the offering of the Christ unto the Blessed Virgin.[2]

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