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[“revealer of hidden treasures”] In the ninth century, Padma Sambhava’s foremost disciple, Lady Yeshe Tsogyal, recorded his oral instructions and concealed them as “treasure teachings” to be revealed in later centuries. Padma Sambhava prophesied that his close disciples would reembody as tertöns, who would reveal these hidden teachings. He predicted the names and times of arrival of 108 tertöns. The teachings they would receive, either in physical documents or in visions, would be the specific teachings needed to liberate those of their generation and century.

On October 10, 1994, Padma Sambhava called the students of the masters to become revealers of the treasure of the teachings:

Now let us unveil these treasures! Now may you become those who unveil them, heart upon heart, city upon city, nation upon nation. Yes, I call you forth from the ancient centuries when we have served together, and out of those centuries I bring you the teachings of the great Buddhas and the violet-flame Buddhas and the ruby-ray Buddhas.... I ask you in this moment, therefore, to call upon the tertöns, my tertöns who abide in the etheric octave. Each one of you will be accompanied by one of these tertöns for as long as you remain steadfast on the path of being a revealer of the jewels of the wisdom of God.[1]

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Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 37, no. 40, October 2, 1994.

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