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The threefold flame of life focuses the Trinity of the Godhead in the White Fire Core of all Being. This Trinity manifests in hierarchy as a threefold division of cosmic service. Thus all of the hosts of light serve within one of these three divisions, known as kingdoms: the kingdom of the elementals, the kingdom of the angels and the kingdom of the Gods.

Embodying the qualities of God-power, God-love and God-wisdom respectively, these kingdoms represent the circling of the square of the Four Cosmic Forces for the purpose of their precipitation in form. In the stepping down of the cosmic threefold flame through the kingdoms of elementals, angels and Gods, the hierarchies of the sun are assisted by the Elohim, the Archangels, and the Chohans of the seven rays.

The elemental kingdom

To the builders of form was given the important task of bringing into Spirit-form and Matter-form the designs of God and man. As transformers of the Four Cosmic Forces, the beings of fire, air, water and earth serve to nourish God-ideas as they spiral through the three Causal Bodies.[1] They also serve to balance and align the four lower bodies of men and planets. Laborers in the Father’s vineyard, harvesters of his sowings, the fiery salamanders, sylphs, undines and gnomes occupy a key position in the threefold action of God in manifestation.

The hierarchs of this kingdom are the twelve Elohim. Representing the Father aspect of the Trinity, they implement the blue plume of his consciousness. As cosmic beings in charge of the precipitation of form, they wield the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet throughout the Great Central Sun Galaxy.

The Elohim endow creation with the power of the Creator, his will and his divine direction as it is lowered from the planes of Spirit-formless to Matter-form. Under them serve the directors of the elements—the planetary hierarchs of earth, air, fire and water—and the elementals in their command.

The angelic kingdom

Serving on the pink plume of God’s love and representing the third person of the Trinity are the angelic hosts of light—agents of the Holy Spirit—to whom was given the holy ordination of ministering to the needs of both men and elementals. Under the direction of the archangels and their divine complements, called archeiai, the angels respond instantaneously to the decrees of the Father-Mother God.

These transformers of God’s love were designed to infuse the creation with the cohesive force of the Holy Spirit—the binding energy released in all creative action, which brings into focus the power of the spoken Word.

The angels were created out of Spirit’s own essence to sustain the magnificent feelings of the Creator throughout the universe. Their assignment is to infuse men and elementals with the qualities necessary for planning and executing the will and wisdom of God in form: faith, hope and charity; peace, understanding and compassion; purity, comfort and healing; mercy, forgiveness and such praise of eternal life as would unite men and elementals in service to their Creator and in love to one another.

As messengers of God, the angelic hosts, the mighty archangels, the cherubim and the seraphim descend on pinions of the sacred fire, bearing rainbow hues of joy, beauty and delight. Aureoles of the dawn, they portend the advent of the Christ in every man.

Their love and unfailing direction is a clarion call that integrates the lower self and the Higher Self in unity and purpose, in plan and action. Their love is a balm of friendship, an unguent of healing and the oil of heavenly inspiration. Their love is a divine magnet that keeps the stars on their appointed rounds, each Monad in his rightful place, and the atoms of our beings inclined to do the heavenly will. Their love is a sacred tone, the music of the spheres, the Spirit that animates nature and all things beautiful. It is their love that nurtures the sweet influences of the Pleiades, that strengthens the bands of Orion, that adorns Arcturus with his Sons.

The kingdom of the Gods

Representing the Christ, the second person of the Trinity, are the hierarchs of the kingdom of ascended masters, cosmic beings, and men becoming Gods. To the manifestation of God destined to become cocreator with him was given the responsibility of overseeing the creation and of working with God to plan, to design, to invent and to direct.

Before man went forth from the center of God’s Being, he asked, “Father, might I not be given the freedom to choose the way, the plan and the action of my life?”

In his great heart of love, the Father knew what pain might come upon a creation that would be free to go against his will; but he also saw the great opportunity for expansion and rejoicing that would come to those who would choose to follow his plan.

And so, out of his infinite wisdom came the fiat: “Man shall have the gift of free will; and whosoever shall prove in thought and word and deed that he can choose wisely and well in all things, to him will I give glory and honor and power and dominion; he shall sit upon my right hand, and he shall preside over the kingdoms of heaven and earth (over the angelic and elemental kingdoms).”

Cooperation among the three kingdoms

Angelic ministrants and elemental servants of earth, air, fire and water accompanied man as he descended into form, trailing clouds of glory and vowing, “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!” During three golden ages man talked freely with his God and associated intimately with angels and elementals. Communion with all life was unrestrained, and cooperation among the three kingdoms was unspoiled.

Herein was the outpicturing, yet to be recaptured on this planet, of the plan of God for his creation. Man’s portion was to become the Christ and to sustain on earth the illuminating radiance of God’s Mind. The beings of the elements were to build the temple to grace his wisdom, stone on stone of measured will—the Architect’s designs. The angelic hosts, inspired by the plan, were to bring to both man and nature coals of inspiration, still glowing from the Father’s hearth.

To assist man in his responsibility, God created the hierarchical office of Chohan, the Lord or “Law,” of the ray. As representatives of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun, the seven chohans of our own planet are the chosen ones, divinely appointed by the cosmic hierarchy to serve under the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit. In his service each Chohan administers on behalf of mankind all of the qualitative aspects of his own specific ray, while harmonizing his administration with that of the Chohans of the other rays.

Elohim and angels obey Christed man

All of the offices of hierarchy come within the framework of one of these three categories of the sacred fire. All are necessary to precipitation, each one complementing the other. Man, “who was made a little lower than the angels” (having been given free will and the opportunity to descend into form), is thus “crowned with glory and honour” as he overcomes the world and gains self-mastery through the correct use of his free will.

When man reaches a certain level of initiation, the hierarchy of Elohim and of archangels must obey his commands. Like the chohans, he is given legions of angels and of elemental builders of form who serve the office in hierarchy to which he has been appointed by qualification. Only to the Christed ones (to those who have attained the Christ consciousness) is given this power over the form and feeling aspects of the Godhead. It is the responsibility of hierarchy to train life’s evolutions (the children of God) to rise in the order of hierarchy that they might be found worthy to be called God’s sons and daughters. Having been found faithful servants, they are made rulers over the elemental and angelic kingdoms.

Angels and elementals may enter the kingdom of the Gods

The Lord in his infinite love has also provided for the initiation of angels and elementals, that they too might rise in the order of hierarchy. Through centuries of allegiance to the Creator and unswerving devotion to his creation, angels may be given the sacred gift of free will and the opportunity to enter the portals of birth. Once they descend into form in this manner, angels begin evolving through the kingdom of the Gods, subject to the same tests, initiations and karmic laws that apply to the sons and daughters of God. When they have met all of these requirements, the angels may pass through the ritual of the ascension and may then qualify to fill the office of archangel or archeia for a system of worlds.

The elementals, too, may evolve through the kingdom of the Gods on their way to become directors of the elements and servants of the Elohim. This opportunity may be opened to them and to their complements after they have proved their ability to sustain simple and then more complex patterns in nature—first a drop of rain, then a blade of grass, a rose, a mighty oak, a giant redwood. They are then endowed with a threefold flame and serve under the disciplines of an Ascended Master before taking physical embodiment. While in embodiment, the elemental must progress through the same rituals and initiations outlined by the hierarchy for men and angels.

All of life (hence, all of God) is in the process of ascending when it follows the divinely natural process of spiritual evolution. It is, therefore, through the ascension that angels, elementals and men find their way back to the heart of God and the eternal life they knew before the morning stars sang together.

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Masters and the Spiritual Path, pp. 249–58.

  1. Surrounding the Hub in the center of the Cosmic Egg are the three great Causal Bodies: the Great Central Sun (the Pink Causal Body) is the focus of the Father; the Great Causal Body (the Yellow Causal Body) is the focus of the Son, the eternal Logos; and the Great Central Sun Galaxy (the Blue Causal Body), embracing all three, is the focus of the Holy Spirit.