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Real-color image of the planet Venus, from Mariner 10 spacecraft
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Venus is the planet of the third ray of this solar system, known to be the training ground for avatars who have been sent not only to earth but to the other planetary bodies infiltrated by the Luciferians. This is the home of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, John the Baptist, Enoch and the entire hierarchy of Brahmanism, Hinduism, Lemurian and pre-Lemurian avatars. All of these have come through the great mystery schools of Venus and the halls and temples of the seven holy Kumaras.

The civilization and lifewaves of the planet Venus have long ago attained to the enlightenment and peace of a golden age. Their consciousness and life evolution exists in another dimension of the physical plane corresponding to that of the etheric octave. Many of the most enlightened among earth’s evolutions—inventors, artists, and seers—have come to earth from this higher plane of consciousness to transfer the blessings of God-dominion to the lifewaves of our planet.

Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus have said:

We ... greet you from this altar in the joy of the love of Venus, the morning and the evening star, the star of your first breath and your last; for this home of light, beloved, is to you a place of abode, both while in embodiment and between incarnations.[1]

The ray of Venus is anchored in the Earth in the city of Vienna.

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