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[Sanskrit for “internal sense organ”] The web of life. The net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.

The antahkarana is composed of the filigree threads that connect the Silent Watchers serving throughout the Macrocosm. This antahkarana is the conductor of the energies of the Great Central Sun Magnet. The crystal cord that connects the God Self and the Christ Self of each individual with the Great Central Sun Magnet is part of this antahkarana.

Gautama Buddha has spoken of this antahkarana:

I am Gautama, Father of many. I salute the light of the Mother, the incarnate flame of the one whom I adore. I salute the light of the Son, Christed ones.

I spin the antahkarana of life, the golden web, as skeins of cosmic consciousness. Yes, let the antahkarana be upon you as the guarding of your soul’s evolution. As the Mother has placed her garment upon you, so I place the golden filigree of the antahkarana. And some of you, as mothers, may crochet, with golden thread and white, that antahkarana as a focal point for the guarding of consciousness and the sealing, by the golden chain mail, of the levels of astral consciousness from the physical contamination.

So let this garment be the protection of the Father, a mantle of purity. And let it be as a web of life. Let it begin from the center, as the spiders spin their web in imitation of the great cosmic reality of the mind of God spanning a cosmos. Line upon line, carefully, let it be crocheted now for the protection of the young as a swaddling garment, as a mantle, as a shawl in winter. Let it be in memory of Gautama, who came to raise a sword, a sword in the I AM name!

And now I take that sword and I lower that sword. And so, the veil of evil, of witchcraft, that has been spun on each and every one is now broken! There is the drawing up of that substance misqualified, and the veil of darkness over a planet and a people is shattered. And you will see how the consciousness of the Lord of the World, invoked by devotees of the Mother, will replace that essence and that substance of darkness with the swaddling garment of the Lord of the World....

Hierarchy is here to stay. Hierarchy comes to tarry in the way, to elevate the consciousness of mankind, to raise them to the center of God to find the flow of life, of love and truth, the living fountain of eternal youth. Hierarchy is here to stay and you are hierarchy all the way—you in the potential of the God flame connecting with the potential of the Great White Brotherhood, you as living, breathing witnesses of the Word. You are the incarnation of the Lord. You are hierarchy, as Above so below. You are the antahkarana. Let light flow![1]

Ratnasambhava has said of the antahkarana:

There is an interconnection of all Life. And therefore, whenever those who are the immortal ones speak through an embodied soul at this level, there is the transmission of that word to all lifestreams who are similarly abiding in this band of energy, which is your time and space and your compartment to work out your reason for being—your dharma as well as your karma.

Know this, then—that another function of having a Messenger and dictations is the unification by the antahkarana, the great web of light, of all souls of a similar evolution. And as the antahkarana quivers at the hand of the great Master Artist of life, there is a stepping up, a tuning of the sound that is heard from the quivering of the antahkarana. And as you are able to transcend certain lower elements, you find yourself rising to new levels of that web of life and to attunement with the higher sound. This is the great mystery of being—that you also, though considering yourself finite, are with us “everywhere in the consciousness of God.”[2]


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