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Star of the Hero, Nicholas Roerich (1936)
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Since ancient times comets have been thought to be harbingers of events—usually the death of kings, wars, famines, plagues and other disasters.

Comets with long orbits often signal major turning points in human affairs. Sometimes they indicate the onset of wars or other types of chaos. The influence of comets is astrological in nature, and they are portents of karma. Karma is good and karma is bad. Karma is testing, like Saturn, who represents Lord Maitreya and the fiery trial.

References to a comet in the prophecies of Nostradamus seem to be as a harbinger of global disaster—war, famine, disease. It was understood as being wholly malevolent. The sense of malevolence comes because we do not understand that karma returns to us as lessons that we must learn in our personal lives and on a planetary scale.

Comets and epidemics

In modern times, Fred Hoyle, an astrophysicist, and Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astronomer, have argued that all infectious diseases—from plagues to the common cold—were originally brought from deep space by comets and transferred to earth by micrometeorites.

They believe that a comet was responsible for the influenza epidemic of 1918 to 1919, which killed 30 million people. Although the scientific community almost uniformly disagrees with this assertion, science writer Robert Kunzig points out that “there is probably more support now than ever before for the idea that the organic precursors of life—not life itself but its building blocks, or maybe the building blocks of the building blocks—could have been brought to Earth by comets early in the planet’s history.”[1]

Scientists have discovered amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, both in interstellar space and in meteorites. Kunzig points out that scientists now agree that “comets contain supertanker-loads of organic material and that at least some of that material was probably produced in interstellar space.”[2]

Astronomers are continually discovering new comets. And according to Science News, “Swarms of tiny comets are hurtling through the solar system and bombarding earth at the incredible rate of 10 million comets per year.”[3]

If comets are indeed carriers of bacteria and viruses to the earth and have been responsible for outbreaks of disease, then the degradation of the human immune system in the coming years may be more serious than anyone imagines.

Comets as harbingers of good

Not all comets may be harbingers of evil, however.

In November of 1572 a star flashed out of the constellation Cassiopia, startling the world. Brighter than Venus, it was clearly visible even in the light of day. Many who saw it reported that this “guest star,” as the comet was called, had a remarkable similarity to the luminous star that guided the magi—the Bethlehem star. Its coming amazed the world.

But while astronomers were baffled by its appearance, the great Swiss mystic-physician Paracelsus had prophesied the coming of the special star more than a century earlier, calling it a “harbinger of a great renovation of society.”

“There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed,” he said. “The comet will announce the presence of a marvellous being who as yet lives not but who will reveal many things.” This “marvellous being” would be a master of all arts, and would come bringing three treasures for mankind, gifts that would change the face of the world.[4]

This prophecy by Paracelsus, delivered in the fifteenth century, foretelling a “renovation of society,” came at an unlikely time, for even into the sixteenth century, men neither knew nor desired to know more than was to be learned from Aristotle; a strange thing at any time. Learning had practically come to a standstill. And scientific experimentation was virtually nonexistent, except in the alchemical laboratories of the mystics.

But with the sudden appearance of the comet in Cassiopia in 1572, Europe exploded with geniuses. Historian Alfred North Whitehead, in his book Science and the Modern World, has referred to a ferment of ideas which were initiated with the sudden intellectual revolution of the sixteenth century which, he says,

... bequeathed formed systems of thought touching every aspect of human life. It is the one century which consistently, and throughout the whole range of human activities, provided intellectual genius adequate for the greatness of its occasions. The crowded stage of this hundred years is indicated by the coincidences which mark its literary annals.[5]

One of the interesting “coincidences” of that century was that the coming of this “star,” “harbinger” of the great revolution, coincided exactly with the dawning of a century of genius in science and literature, which, Whitehead clearly believes, was initiated by “the greatest of mankind,” Sir Francis Bacon of England. Francis was twelve years old when the comet dawned.

Individual comets

Halley’s Comet

Halley’s Comet

English astronomer and mathematician Edmund Halley (1656–1742) was the first to calculate the orbit of the great comet of 1682—since known as Halley’s comet. Identifying it as the same comet which had appeared in 1531 and again in 1607, he correctly predicted its return in 1758. The comet, which follows a highly elliptical path around the sun over a 76-year period of revolution, appeared in 1910 and again in 1986.

Over the years, superstition and prophecy have surrounded the apparitions of Comet Halley, and it has brought changes of fortune in government. As it blazed across the heavens in 1066, William of Normandy was defeating the English at the Battle of Hastings. Queen Elizabeth I was advised not to look at the comet but, curious and brave, she did anyway and went on to defeat the Spanish Armada. The Spanish, of course, have a different perspective. Conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas of Peru about one year after the 1531 apparition. In 1910, its advent marked the death of Edward VII of England as well as a host of suicides in Spain and Italy.

Gautama Buddha spoke of the portents of the return of Halley’s comet:

The astronomer with one of the mightiest telescopes in the observatories of the world has warned the evolutions of the planet of the approach and the return of the comet.[6] So it portends the delivery unto thyself of thine own sendings.

Fly swift as an arrow to the sun. Come to the Heart, come to the feet of Helios. For his fire will increase thine own that thy heart might receive the ancient sendings [of thine own karma] yet remain still as the mind of the disciple, firm as the mind that has been exercised and is one.[7]

Serapis Bey also spoke of the return of this comet:

Thus, the principle of “heading them off at the pass” is the principle of stopping the eruption out of the astral plane into the physical plane of great darkness—darkness that is planned in secret as conspiracy and plot against humanity, darkness that does not want to be unveiled or exposed, darkness that comes from extraterrestrials hovering and who have also taken embodiment, darkness such as sudden war or economic difficulties, diseases that come seemingly out of nowhere, of which Halley’s comet has become the harbinger.

Beloved ones, there are messengers from the Sun. Some of them are typified in comets. But there are angels who come whether or no there is a comet to be seen in the sky. Such an angel is Gabriel of the fourth ray, the angel of the annunciation. To him I bid you call that you might have the realization from his heart aforetime of those things that are planned to erupt out of the astral plane as they come with sudden destruction[8] as the return of planetary karma.[9]

Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock

Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock passed within 3 million miles of earth the week of May 8–15, 1983, making it the second closest comet to enter this solar system in recorded history. (The closest, Comet Lexell, passed within 1.5 million miles of the planet in 1770.) Traveling at about 64,800 mph, IRAS is thought to be composed of frozen dust and gases and believed to have originated in the deep freeze of outer space beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Jesus spoke of this comet:

I tell you that the sign of my coming in this hour has also been marked by the sign of the coming of that comet which is close to the earth and closest in this very week. The origin of that comet is a distant galaxy, and out of that distant galaxy came the very Evil One who should be the tempter of her [the Messenger’s] soul. And the fallen ones of that galaxy and other galaxies, who have also sent the seed of Serpent to the earth to tempt all of the lightbearers, have arrayed themselves against the coming of the Light in the Messenger and in you all—as their opposition to my descent has been grave indeed....

And the sign of the comet is the sign of the opposition to [my] coming. For this comet has borne a great darkness of the fallen ones of that galaxy who have sought to send into the earth and transfer through it to the astral plane, to the individuals of darkness, a new impetus and a new momentum of the darkness of the Liar and his lie and the Murderer and the murderous intent.

Thus by fire and by ice, the fallen ones attempt to hurl their momentum of Antichrist as a final attempt to tear down the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood and every single one of you who is ordained to be apostle after the calling of my heart, even on the path of beloved Paul.[10]

Comet Hale-Bopp

Comet Hale-Bopp was first observed in 1995 and reached its perihelion on April 1, 1997. It was one of the brightest comets in many decades and was visible to the naked eye for a record eighteen months, twice long as the previous record holder, the Great Comet of 1811.[11]

Regarding the this comet, El Morya explained:

The comet Hale-Bopp continues to pierce through the cosmic waves, depositing its cargo ... which creates ripples upon ripples of waves that accelerate the release of negative records into the earth’s atmosphere.

El Morya asked the students to call to Mighty Cosmos to release his secret rays to consume the negative rays of the comet before they could settle around the earth.

On March 27, 1997, Archangel Uriel and Aurora said:

We call to you to give calls to Astrea for the encirclement of the returning karma that comes through the comet Hale-Bopp. Beloved ones, it is mankind’s returning karma visiting again and again the nations of the earth and the planet. Now is the time for cosmic transmutation.

Saint Germain said:

The battle of Armageddon is in full swing and the Hale-Bopp comet is the sign of that Armageddon. Hale-Bopp is dumping world karma on every speck of dust and depositing that karma of 25,800 years. It is the sign, beloved. Therefore, accelerate the momentum of your violet-flame decrees and call to the Ascended Masters of the First Ray, including Elohim, Archangels and Chohans. Call to the God Surya, Hercules and Amazonia and all who stand for the victory of earth’s evolutions.[12]

Comet Kohoutek

Main article: Kohoutek

Comet Kohoutek, billed as the “comet of the century,” was first discovered on March 7, 1973, by astronomer Lubos Kohoutek at Hamburg Observatory in West Germany. Toward the end of November, the comet’s bright head grew faintly visible to the naked eye; its tails, which extended over thirty million miles, could be seen by mid-December in the Northern Hemisphere. On the date of perihelion (the point of its orbit nearest our sun), December 28, 1973, the comet was no longer visible from earth’s surface but appeared as a brilliant mass superimposed on the solar corona in a photograph taken by satellite. Comet Kohoutek’s next appearance is expected in an estimated 75,000 years.

On June 30, 1973, the Elohim Purity, speaking of the comet Kohoutek, said:

And so I am come, and so I have made to you the announcement of this century for the Elohim of the Fourth Ray—the release of purity this day. It is an awesome and ... auspicious event in the halls of the Great Central Sun, and mighty Messengers of Light go forth bearing purity. And the mighty comet that shall appear in the heavens ere six months shall pass is a manifestation of the Messengers of cosmic purity that come forth periodically from the Heart of Alpha and Omega as emissaries of Light to greet those twin flames who hold the focus of Light on behalf of evolutions.[13]

An unnamed comet

Sanat Kumara spoke of a comet that passed through the solar system in October 1962:

A comet of light has passed through the solar system this day, so rapidly that none of the astronomers from the outer level of consciousness were able to apprehend its passage. Its tail comprised a beautiful pink radiance, and the radiance of that comet of light was the secret love star from the Great Central Sun. It trailed its great clouds of glory throughout the entire solar body, and it brought us all a blessing wafted through the solar highways and penetrating the core of every tiny atom as well as the giant suns in this system of worlds. I mention it in passing, not expecting your outer minds to comprehend it, but to show forth and to signify to man that the mark of cosmic dimensions is constantly expanding. By the power of the solar flame, the divine intent and radiance is becoming manifest.[14]

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