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Those who engage in psychic activities cause a great burden not only to themselves but also to the planet as they become the open door for the energies of the astral plane to enter into the physical. In order to prevent this, the God and Goddess Meru in 1964 announced a dispensation whereby a “golden chain mail” would be draped around the entire planet to protect us from the psychic planes, the planes that are astral and of Death and Hell.

The release of the dispensation

The God and Goddess Meru said:

There flows now the wondrous outpouring of our love from the Andes unto the world. And as this love flows forth, we urge that the golden armour of holy illumination’s flame be placed in the consciousness of all as though it were wrapping and enfolding them round, so that the arrows and pestilences that infest the world to this present hour may be stayed and by the gift of divine illumination men may walk in robes of righteousness.

The right use of divine power will make this planet reflect the Golden Age radiance, which it is our will to expand now. And so, as I come to you this morn, it is my wish that you will feel the sweet gift of our grace imparted to you through the angelic messengers who issue forth from this retreat, carrying to your heart strands of golden substance that you may feel also the illumination of this precious substance as it is placed by angelic hands as a circlet of light around your brow....

As I am come to you this holy morn, I then come with cosmic purpose in view, bearing tidings of kindness and grace from the lovely Lady Meru, who is my consort. Today we shall not experiment, but we shall perform—we shall weave a network of Light over the planetary body. And because this is the day called Sunday, we shall utilize the energies and devotion of many hearts to weave this great garment of Light over the planet.

And it is our intent this day that this garment of Light shall resemble a coat of golden chain mail so that we may plug the gaps in mankind’s consciousness where the penetration of psychic substance passes and causes them to reinfect various areas of the world after the decrees and calls of the students of Light have effectively rendered them antiseptic....

Christ of the Andes, high in the mountains on the border of Argentina and Chile

The Christ of the Andes, this magnificent statue of Light, is now being charged while I am speaking to you by angel devas from many parts of the world and is also being touched by a rod of power held in the hands of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple. This action of purity is talismanic in action and designed to cause a spiritual white radiance of cosmic Light to be released from this statue in commemoration of the Cosmic Christ. And as this takes place, it is beamed out in an omnidirectional manner so as to contact the entire periphery of the earth’s surface.

These currents, then, follow the curvature of the earth and will incite a cosmic action of Love and Light wherever they contact the spires of worship of mankind this morning, weaving together the energies of both Christian, Moslem, Jew and Buddhist, and the many religions of the world into a consecrated chalice and forcefield that the angelic hosts will take up and offer to the Karmic Board. This offering is intended to be carried directly to the Great Central Sun and laid before your precious Alpha and Omega....

We hope to insulate mankind from the psychic realm as much as possible and establish a curtain of great power so that this realm will become somewhat isolated from mankind and exceedingly difficult to pierce. It is our hope that this will bring about a great wall of Light between the octave of psychic substance and the human consciousness of mankind, making it extremely difficult for those individuals engaged in psychic practices to actually contact the psychic octave....

It is the intention of the great Goddess Meru this morning to intensify the feminine ray in your midst while I amplify the masculine ray so that you will understand that the action of building this coat of golden chain mail is not an action of one second but is being accomplished in part while I am speaking and will be intensified in the days to come as you call for the amplification of the action that took place this morning....

Aerial view of the Washington Monument and the White House
The Washington Monument

Now, precious ones, with the great release of substance of Light that is pouring forth across the planetary body this morning, I would like to tell you also that we are using some of the political focuses of the world, such as the Washington Monument, and we are tying in to the mighty ray that is anchored there as a silent sentinel for and on behalf of America. The action of Light this morning is actually weaving strands of great cables and extending these cables to tie all of the monuments that are constructive across the face of the earth into one vast network of Light.

Then the angelic hosts are contacting persons and places and conditions and things that are vibrating with an action of Light, and all are being interwoven into this marvelous pattern.

This is going to mean a tremendous boon to the earth in this day and age, but it will require the attention of the students in order to reinforce and establish it so that it may be a permanent action for the earth.

Do you see what I mean, blessed ones? This is an etheric gift that we are conferring upon the earth this morning. And this gift requires a specific action of mankind’s attention being fed into it in order that the power of Light may retain this power of the golden chain mail armour anchoring mankind into the purity of his divine radiance.

I thank you and I am counting on you, as is the lovely Goddess Meru, to sustain this action of mighty assistance poured out in this day to the earth and all mankind upon it.[1]

The reinforcement of the golden chain mail

In 1969 El Morya announced a new dispensation reinforcing the golden chain mail:

The will of God is strengthening itself in the world net, and we are formulating a new concept whereby the great chain mail that was placed between the psychic realm and the human shall now be coated with fiery blue-white diamonds. And there shall be builded into these diamonds a magnificent power of repulsion.

We have brought forth and evoked from the Lords of Karma an activity where when the psychic world breaks forth into the human and penetrates it, whether it is through the willing admission of individuals or against their will, [through] the God flame in the heart of these diamonds that shall coat the chain mail armor placed long ago between the psychic and the human, the Lords of Karma shall invoke against those lifestreams that actually are doing despite to the law of love such an activity of karmic recompense that these individuals shall find that they no longer have that time delay that they have had in the past whereby they seem to feel that they can escape with impunity as they bring forth their arrows of destruction against the sons of God.[2]

Results of the dispensation

In spite of these dispensations, we have seen since the decade of the 1960s a spilling of the energies of the astral plane into the physical bodies of the planet and her people. The puncturing of the astral plane has come not only through psychic activities, but also through drugs, through rock music and through bloodshed that has occurred in satanic rituals and voodoo, as well as in war. We have certainly seen amazing distortions of human life and human behavior on the planet since that time, and it was to prevent this that the great dispensation of the golden chain mail was given. However, as Serapis Bey explained in 1985, this endeavor was not entirely successful because there was not sufficient reinforcement of the golden chain mail by the calls and decrees of those in embodiment:

Angels have begun to weave a filigree net of blue flame, a most intense fiery blue. It is a tight crocheting of an armour of mail made of light substance impervious. It is draped now between the physical manifestation and the astral plane for the protection of the earth from further eruption of astral hordes and darkness that began when the hour struck midnight December 31, 1959.

It was then that the spilling over into America and the world of the subcultures of rock music and drugs paved the way for all astral horror and Death and Hell to come into the physical plane. There was therefore established on July 26, 1964, a golden chain mail connected at the great monuments of the world. But, beloved ones, this golden chain mail was not sufficiently reinforced with dynamic decrees by those in embodiment, inasmuch as the numbers of Keepers of the Flame and individuals decreeing at that time were not nearly so great as they are today.

Therefore, I trust you will review this dictation concerning the golden chain mail and realize that we enforce this now and reinforce it with this blue chain mail of fiery blue energy and powerful protection.[3]

The importance of the dispensation

In 1995 Apollo and Lumina spoke further of the golden chain mail and of the importance of this dispensation:

We speak out of the heart of the God and Goddess Meru and we say to you each one: You may call for a personalized segment of the golden chain mail to be designed for you that you might wear it as an armour to seal your soul and your etheric body from the astral plane and the levels of Death and Hell.

Understand this, beloved. We have called you to reestablish the golden chain mail. And the etheric pattern of that mail is now being strengthened as the Light of God quivers the strands—quivers them, beloved. And you see the strands shimmering and yet becoming more concrete as that tightly woven golden chain mail is draped over a planet.

The question arises: Why have we called you to reestablish the golden chain mail? It is because that evil that came to pass in the last days of Atlantis is come to pass again in your day. Just as there were black magicians in high places of Church and State and priests who used their powers to work evil thousands of years ago, so there are black magicians and priests in embodiment today who are using their powers to destroy civilization.

The very ones who were instrumental in causing the sinking of Atlantis have reincarnated in this century, and their focus is a staggering agenda of world destruction. Among them are the Atlantean scientists who experimented with recombinant DNA, breaking up and splicing together DNA from human and animal sources, thereby spawning creatures that were half man and half animal. Their evildoings ultimately brought forth the Lord’s judgment....

We wish to point out that the golden chain mail is the greatest weapon you have to thwart the agenda of the reincarnated Atlanteans and the false hierarchy of fallen angels who support them. We desire to see you accomplish, as the Messenger has stated, the corking of the bottle of hell. In other words, we desire to see you drive back the Antichrists who have wreaked havoc in their determination to destroy this civilization.

Let them be driven back and confined to the depths of Death and Hell, where they belong, until the hour of their judgment is come! And let it be accomplished by the powerful decrees of stalwart Keepers of the Flame who read the signs of the times—yes, who read and run with the message of salvation unto the righteous and the message of judgment unto the reprobate.

This dawning day of Aquarius is a wondrous time for the alchemy of the golden chain mail! It is a wondrous time for rethinking and remaking civilization![4]


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