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Levitation is the raising of the body as a result of spiritual light having neutralized gravity; a gift that has been given to any number of the saints.

It is popular today to equate mysticism with raptures, ecstasies, visions or even levitation. But the Christian mystics often warned, and so do the Gurus of the East, that phenomena are not the goal of the mystical path. They said it is dangerous to ask God for or to expect such experiences because this leaves us open to projections from our own imagination or from the devil.

Physical and spiritual levitation

According to the teachings of the ascended masters, there is both a physical and spiritual level of levitation. We practice spiritual levitation through the Ashram Rituals and the instruction in the Keepers of the Flame Lessons on leaving the body to go to the etheric retreats.

The benefits of physical levitation are limited, and physical levitation doesn’t balance karma. There are some adepts who attain physical mastery, but even though you may have physical mastery it is not a long term thing because when you don’t have a physical body you can’t levitate.

The ascended masters teach that karma yoga and hatha yoga are very important to us to balance our karma and increase the fire of the heart, and exercises for increasing the fire of the heart are more important than seeking to attain physical levitation. You will not be a better person for having levitated unless you increase the Christ in your temple and balance the threefold flame.

Seeking to levitate physically is one more digression into phenomena with which Eastern gurus tantalize Western devotees. Levitation does not allow you to balance your karma. So levitation comes to some devotees because they have done it in other embodiments, but it is the spiritual level rather than physical levitation that the ascended master student is meant to pursue.


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