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The name of the suicide entity, a she-devil luring her victims by her lust for death, and for the light-essence of her victims released in death. This entity projects feelings of depression, worthlessness, hopelessness and utter frustration with life into the subconscious minds of those whose consciousness is open to this type of suggestion. When these feelings surface to the mental and feeling bodies, they influence the victim to accept a philosophy of nihilism, of his own nonexistence. This entity gains a type of astral identity through the mass accumulation of energy misqualified by all who have ever taken their lives or dwelled in thought upon suicide. Its negative influence is further intensified by the brothers of the shadow who tantalize their victims through the allure of the unknown, a sense of the sweetness of death, and their own momentum of self-annihilation or the annihilation of the God Self, which for a period was popularized as the philosophy of nihilism.

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