Twelve solar hierarchies

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The twelve solar hierarchies are twelve mandalas of cosmic beings ensouling twelve facets of God’s consciousness; they hold the pattern of that frequency for the entire cosmos. They are identified by the names of the signs of the zodiac, as they focus their energies to the earth through these constellations.

These twelve hierarchies of the Sun are often visualized on the twelve lines of the cosmic clock. Each of these hierarchies has one hundred and forty-four thousand cosmic beings in their service and each of these cosmic beings in turn has one hundred and forty-four thousand angels at their command.

These twelve hierarchies are represented at the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius by the four and twenty elders, twelve sets of twin flames, each set having mastery and authority over one of the twelve lines of the sun in manifestation. The four and twenty elders have appointed representatives to assist mankind in overcoming their human creation at the twelve points and attaining their mastery on each line. These representatives work directly under the four and twenty elders, who in turn dispense the blessings of the twelve solar hierarchies.

It is precisely because these twelve ascended masters and their twin flames (if they are ascended) have manifested their victory over the human creation on the particular line of the clock on which they serve that they have been appointed by the twenty-four elders to assist each one evolving upon earth to attain self-mastery.

The ascended masters who serve on each line of the clock and the heavenly hosts who serve with these divine appointees are as follows:

The Twelve Solar Hierarchies
Line of the Clock Hierarchy Representatives of the hierarchies to the earth
12 Capricorn The Great Divine Director and the seven archangels
1 Aquarius Saint Germain and the angelic hosts of light
2 Pisces Jesus and the great hosts of ascended masters
3 Aries Helios and the Great Central Sun Magnet
4 Taurus God Obedience and the seven mighty Elohim
5 Gemini El Morya and the legions of Mercury
6 Cancer Serapis Bey and the great seraphim and cherubim
7 Leo The Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma
8 Virgo Lord Lanto and the Lords of Wisdom
9 Libra Mighty Victory and the Lords of Individuality
10 Scorpio Cyclopea and the Lords of Form
11 Sagittarius Lord Maitreya and the Lords of Mind


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