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Spirit may refer to:

(1) cap. The masculine polarity of the Godhead; the coordinate of Matter; God as Father, who of necessity includes within the polarity of himself God as Mother and hence is known as the Father-Mother God. The plane of the I AM Presence, of perfection; the dwelling place of the ascended masters in the kingdom of God.

(2) l.c., usually plural, as “spirits,” discarnates, or astral entities.

(3) l.c., singular, often used interchangeably with soul.

El Morya speaks of the “spirit” of a man as being “his cosmic honor flame, his integrity, his strength, his presence. The spirit of the individual is that which the soul has drawn down from the I AM Presence and raised up from the Divine Mother, weaving a cocoon of light, skeins as silken fibers around the soul until the wedding garment, all gold and purest white, [is] suddenly unveiled.”


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