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The Sponsors of Youth are twelve cosmic beings from the Great Central Sun who have been answering the prayers of mothers, fathers and sponsors of youth for aeons. They were permitted to speak for the first time on December 28, 1977, at the conference entitled “God Is Mother” by a dispensation from the Cosmic Council and the four and twenty elders. They had been allowed to unveil their identity because Keepers of the Flame had implored God for dispensations to save the youth of the world for many months.

During this dictation, the Sponsors of Youth said they could not place the fullness of the weight of their light on earth because “insufficient energies” had been invoked to hold the balance. Thus, they projected their Electronic Presence on earth from the Great Central Sun for that dictation. The Sponsors of Youth came with a sobering report on the condition of the youth of the world. This report was based on a study conducted by the Keeper of the Scrolls, ascended masters and archangels, with input at inner levels from those in embodiment.

The attack on youth

The Sponsors of Youth reported:

The unmitigated attempts of the fallen angels to interfere with the upward spiral of the culture of the Mother have been directed for a number of decades against the youth and incoming souls. The darkness projected against the mind, soul, heart, body, chakras, health and sanity has been relentless. These attacks begin at the moment the Lords of Karma assign a soul to incarnate and continue through the age of thirty-three.[1]

To Almighty God the most important people on earth are those who are just conceived and are in the womb and those who are maturing through the age of thirty-three (seven years for each of the four lower bodies and five for the secret rays). All these are considered the youth. When an individual passes the age of thirty-three, there is what is known as “the hardening of the spiral,” the setting of the habit patterns for life. After this age, it is more difficult for a soul to be converted to the path of light.

The Sponsors of Youth warn that the attack on youth has been so great that

... the state of children and youth today is at one of the lowest points it has ever been since the days of the fall of Atlantis, since the days of the coming of Noah.... It was the desecration of the flame of holy youth that resulted in the ultimate judgment of Almighty God upon the people. It is one thing for the adult, hardened in the ways of sin, to perpetuate his sin. But when that sin is transferred to innocent children and they are corrupted and allowed to be corrupted by the population,... then the entire civilization must be judged.

The conclusion of the report was:

There are such gaps in the understanding of the youth of their origin, their source, their purpose, the flow of purity, the right uses of the sacred fire, what the goal of life is, the path of initiation to the ascension, that if this body and this company of lightbearers is not able to reverse the tide by keeping the vigil for the youth, there is the possibility of the loss of this generation. And if this generation be lost, there will be none to pass the torch to succeeding generations. We are calling for an all-out commitment, therefore, of Keepers of the Flame to the cause of the youth.[2]

The Sponsors of Youth gave their second dictation in 1992. Their spokesman said:

It is a most serious hour in earth’s history.... I will tell you just how dire the situation is, for I speak for us all, and I say, beloved, this is the warfare of the Spirit, and the fallen angels have determined to so sever one generation from the next that inside of a hundred years this earth may de-evolve to such a lesser state that you could not even recognize it.... Therefore we say to you: Hurry, hurry, hurry! These children in the earth, whether they have retained the flame or not, are being set upon by such darkness in so many subtle ways.... Your aches and pains are minor in comparison to the aches and pains of those [children and youth] who cry out to you. It is as though they were partly in the astral plane, in hell itself, while they are in embodiment.[3]

Steps to help save the children

In these two dictations the Sponsors of Youth have outlined several steps you can take to help save the children:

Step One: Observe what is happening. These masters said: “The cries of the children reach out to you! And yet there is still a separation between you and them, almost as though a veil covered your eyes and you did not see and would not see what is happening to these little ones and [the young people].... It is time you entered those schoolhouses and observed for yourselves” what is happening. “It is good to allow yourselves to sense world pain, especially the pain of children.”

Step Two: Keep a vigil of prayers. The Sponsors of Youth say: “Pray and pray—and pray on your knees if you must.” Keep a vigil of prayers to the heart of the Divine Mother and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to all hosts of the LORD that you can name. Keep that prayer vigil! Turn off your TV sets, deny yourselves fictionalized series. Keep abreast of the news, stop watching those series, use all of your free time decreeing for the children from birth to age thirty-three.

“Begin with the absolute conviction that the all-power of God is able to manifest through you” through the science of the spoken Word. The Sponsors of Youth have also asked us to “demand the judgment of abortion and the abortionist.” Abortion is not only the abortion of flesh and blood, but it is the abortion of a soul’s opportunity to fulfill her divine plan. Today more than ever, you can look around you and see there are vacant seats. Where is your twin flame? Where is your soul mate? Where will you find them? Will you find that they have been aborted and tried and tried again to reincarnate? This is a very difficult time for young people, because everyone who is supposed to be here of their generation is simply not here because millions of abortions have been committed.

The Sponsors of Youth also summoned us to use the spoken Word to exorcise the schoolhouses, colleges and universities of the seed of Satan and Lucifer.

“Every individual who is acquainted with the science of the spoken Word must stand up and be counted for in this hour for the youth of the world!” They have never needed your prayers as much as they do today. The Sponsors of Youth gave us the following keys to enhance our decrees: “Plaster the walls of your homes with pictures of children.... Ask for millions of children to be cut free through those focuses. You might also keep a picture of an aborted fetus to remind you every day of your life that children are being aborted, children whom we are sending from the Central Sun.”

Step Three: Become involved. The Sponsors of Youth urged us not to sit on the sidelines but to get involved in rescuing the youth. They said: “When it comes to assisting the youth, there is no substitute for active personal involvement, for becoming a part of their lives—their work and play, their school and sports and their putting-on of the garment of God.” Call to the Great Divine Director, the God and Goddess Meru and the Committee for Child Guidance—made up of Jesus, Kuthumi and Mother Mary—to help you understand what your personal role should be.

If we neglect the child, we are neglecting the Christ within a very special person. The Sponsors of Youth warned:

Remember the children. For in the not-too-distant future you, yourself, may be a child again ... and as a child, you shall reap the karma you incurred in your last life, this life, for having ignored so great an opportunity and so great a salvation that you could have, and should have, given to the little children.... I warn you: be purged of all selfishness, laziness, sloth, boredom or energy that simply manifests as “I don’t care. I don’t have time to work with children or the teens. I will sit in my home and I will do my decrees. And that is all I am willing to give.”

Step Four: Befriend a child. The Sponsors of Youth encourage us to become a close friend of a child or a teenager. They said:

It’s not enough to pass by the children and just say, “hello.” With reverence for life and with respect for the Holy Child, you must realize that friendship with the world’s children can become the greatest joy of your life. When you count your friends, do you count the little children who are so adorable and adoring, who are so devoted to you? And sometimes you scarcely notice how their hearts are pitter-patting in anticipation of a kind word, in anticipation of your coming, your smile or a game that you will play with them.

Step Five: Be an example to children. The Sponsors of Youth said: “Children require your example. Our records show that many children growing up have only the example of Hollywood stars, rock-and-roll stars, representatives in government who have betrayed them by dishonesty, and teachers and parents who have not the capacity to transfer to them the image of the Christ, the Buddha and the Mother. Souls of light must see the example of Almighty God in someone.” And that someone is you.

The candle of virtue, held by a single individual, will remain the star of hope to that child. Every child must know someone who represents the divine memory of the child’s activities on the inner planes with the ascended masters and the angelic hosts. Our plea to you this day is that you will be that soul of virtue, that example to these children, to the teenagers of the world, and to those who are grappling with the problems of life in their twenties and preparing for the initiations of Christhood and Buddhahood.

You are on stage twenty-four hours a day. Souls of light upon earth are receiving the impression of your aura, whether you compromise or refuse to compromise. And that energy is affecting the total evolution of the lightbearers of the world.

Step Six: Teach children reading, writing and math.

Teach your children how to read phonetically. To teach children reading, writing and arithmetic before the age of seven is the solemn responsibility of every parent and every single person who calls himself a lightbearer. Go out and find them! Make room for them in your homes. Offer to teach them anywhere their parents will allow. There shall be many, many blessings upon those who have the courage to teach children to read and write and to calculate their numbers.

Step Seven: Give lectures or publish exposés on the issues endangering our youth. The Sponsors of Youth directed us:

Do not cease until there is an exposure in paperback form of every betrayal of the Christ in the youth of America and the world. Let the books be written. Whatever your participation, whatever your support, both near and distant, know that we in the Great Central Sun watch every lifestream who is able to give even an hour of decrees each day in support of our messenger, our cause and the dissemination of this teaching.

The Sponsors of Youth tell us:

Plunge yourself and your life into the support of children.... This is the most serious message you will ever hear from the ascended masters, for it is the message of the loss of this nation and ultimately other nations in the earth if you do not act and act in time.


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