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The Elohim Apollo and Lumina have given the following teaching on suicide:

Suicide is the death of the body, but it can also be the death of the soul. Those who commit suicide, depending on their karma and the circumstances of their death, are required by the Lords of Karma either to remain on various levels of the astral plane or to immediately reincarnate.

This they must do to balance the karma they made by committing suicide, having thereby abandoned those lifestreams for whom they were responsible. Once and for all they must learn the lesson that suicide is not a way out of one’s problems and that taking one’s life will not take the soul to Elysian fields, as the suicide demons promise, but back to square one.

Often suicides stay close to home and attempt in vain to speak to family members and close friends to express their regret and their profound sorrow that they have committed such a crime as to snuff out the flame of life God gave them at birth.

Yes, they now know that the crime of taking life is the ultimate crime and that death is final. But why didn’t they know it before? Yes, why didn’t they, when all of the world’s scriptures tell us that life is sacred, that life is God and that life must be embraced in its fullest potential and defended?

Even Moses, on his deathbed, counseled the children of Israel to choose Life: “I have set before you Life and Death, blessing and judgment: therefore choose Life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”[1]

Those who contemplate suicide do not always carry it out, but they have a tendency to gravitate to the astral plane. There they are vulnerable to the pull of suicide entities who stalk the canyons of the astral plane and lie in wait for weak souls who are already overcome by their addictions to alcohol, sugar, nicotine, drugs and dark music.

Those who are most influenced by suicide entities descend lower and lower into the astral plane, and not until it is too late do they realize that they are not able to disentangle themselves from these entities. In other words, they cannot pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Therefore they must appeal to devout souls to offer dynamic decrees and prayers of intercession in their behalf. For according to cosmic law, the Archangels of God and their hosts, Elohim and Ascended Masters do not descend into the realms of Death and Hell to rescue those who are bound in the shackles of Hades unless they receive an appeal from devotees of God to do so.

Yes, the faithful must pray to God daily and fervently that imprisoned souls might be cut free from their demon oppressors and be given another opportunity to choose God and live.[2]

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