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The Sun behind the sun is the spiritual Cause behind the physical effect we see as our own physical sun and all other stars and star systems, seen or unseen, including the Great Central Sun.

The Sun behind the sun of cosmos is perceived as the Cosmic Christ—the Word by whom the formless was endowed with form and spiritual worlds were draped with physicality.

Likewise, the Sun behind the sun is the Son of God in the Christ Self, shining in all his splendor behind the soul and its interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness called the four lower bodies. It is the Son of man—the “Sun” of every manifestation of God.

The Sun behind the sun is referred to as the “Sun of righteousness,”[1] which does heal the mind, illumine the soul and light all her house, and as “the glory of God,” the light of the City Foursquare.[2]

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