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The scientific basis for theories of a superrace proceeds largely from the work of Francis Galton (1822–1911), founder of the science of eugenics. He attempted to prove that the rich and powerful and the upper classes in general were a superior race because of superior genes. Poorer lower classes were presumed to be a genetically defective inferior race. Overbreeding of the “less suitable” was considered a threat to the “suitable” races. Galton called for programs of race hygiene (including the involuntary sterilization of members of the lower classes) to guarantee the purity of the superior race.

Others who applied theories of a superior race include: Thomas Malthus, political economist, who fabricated “natural laws” as an authoritative rationale for low wages and long working hours; Herbert Spencer, founder of Social Darwinism, who believed that legislation improving working and housing conditions perverted the natural laws; Charles B. Davenport, leader of the politically powerful American eugenics movement; Harry H. Laughlin, superintendent Eugenics Record Office; Margaret Sanger, founder of the American birth control movement; Madison Grant, author of Passing of the Great Race; Lothrop Stoddar, Harvard-trained historian.

Adolf Hitler, president of National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party, 1921, chancellor of Germany, 1933, dictator and Führer, 1934, adopted these theories in instituting his “new order,” which included 1) inculcation of the view that Germans were the superior Aryan race; and 2) preservation of racial purity by extermination of Jews and other “inferior” peoples. Key members of the Nazi Party are said to have been part of an occult society known as the Thule Group.

According to Trevor Ravenscroft, the inner circle within the Thule were Satanists who practiced black magic. Thule was the name of the center of a vanished civilization like Atlantis. Initiates of the Thule Group believed that Great Ones of the Ancient World would place at their disposal a reservoir of forces which could be drawn upon to enable Germany to dominate the world and become the cradle of a coming race of Supermen. German armies would set out to annihilate all that stood in the way of their “spiritual” destiny. Himmler’s Gestapo was instrumental in Hitler’s liquidation of 30 million “subhumans”—the total destruction of European Jewry, Polish intelligentsia, and a large slice of the Slavonic race.

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