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The crystal ray is an energy of intense white fire that looks like the rock crystal intensified as a brilliant light. The crystal ray is a means of transferring the sacred fire, the white fire of the I AM Presence. The prophet Ezekiel described that white light descending as the “terrible crystal,”[1] which is a very appropriate name because the crystal ray is intense. It is a white fire that has an action of destroying or uncreating works that have been created by man which are not in keeping with the immaculate conception.

Cyclopea and Virginia speak of the use of the crystal ray in healing:

The crystal ray emanates from our causal body also. The crystal ray has many properties, which I shall not describe. Suffice it to say that inasmuch as all Matter is crystal, in the true definition of the word, the crystal ray is the ray by which the seven rays penetrate Matter.

The crystal ray may take on the properties of any molecule and, by conforming to its pattern, deliver into the space between its particles, into its whirling energy sphere, the properties of the spiritual divine counterpart. The crystal ray comes forth from the Sun behind the sun for the restorative purpose of returning your mind, your genes, your chakras, the activation of the life within you to its original strength and divine intent.[2]

Mother Mary speaks of the relationship between the crystal ray and the fifth ray:

I bring to you, then, out of the Fifth Ray this day the crystal-clear stream, that mighty crystal action, white-fire crystal of Cyclopea and Virginia and all the servants of the Fifth Ray. Oh, take the crystal ray this day, I beseech you! Won’t you have something of pure rock crystal to remind you how crystal clear is the Mind of God to bring all to resolution?

That crystal ray, beloved, is what you receive when you invoke the Fifth Ray. The emerald ray and the crystal ray go hand in hand. Thus the matrix of all things is impressed on the ethers by the Fifth Ray, but the crystal ray does make that which ought to become permanent crystallize as a crystallization of the God-flame.

Some of you walk about with crystal in your auras, magnificent formations of stalactites, stalagmites. You see, beloved, for tens of thousands of years and longer you have been crystallizing the thoughts, the ideations, the patterns of Elohim, of the Mind of God. And so you have built about yourselves a permanent home of Light, a cocoon, a retreat where you may bid others enter.

Take care, then. See to it that you keep the aura clear as crystal so that the mind is not befuddled, the emotional body is not invaded by lying demons and all types of diversions and perversions of the true Path.

The crystallization of the Mind of God within you will enable you to have almost upon the instant that contact with higher realms of Light, etheric retreats. Ask to be taken, then, to the crystal antechamber of the retreat of the Elohim of the Fifth Ray. Ask to be taken there for meditation and purification.[3]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 28, 1980.

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