The Nameless One from Out the Great Central Sun

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In 1991, a being whom we know only as the Nameless One from out the Great Central Sun delivered a dictation in which he said:

From out the Great Central Sun I, the Nameless One, do speak to my beloved. I have opened the channels of light. And I am the Nameless One, for to give you a name, beloved, would give you access to my causal body. People of earth are not yet ready to access that causal body. Therefore I speak out of profound love for your being that once was a God-free being, as I am, but now does perceive out of the windows of a limited self....

The greater weight of my being is always in the Central Sun, but the extension of myself to levels of contact with certain among humanity has been the grant that I have known for many, many grand ages....

I have already been a part of you before you have known that I have existed, and I am aware of the dilemma of being, of knowing what is to be done and yet not having the strength to do it or the wholeness or the resources or the time or the space. Yes, there are many excuses, legitimate and otherwise, in this octave. But, beloved, that which is missing that should provide the answer to all of these lacks is the sacred fire pulsating.

This great being said that he was placing a seed of light in the crown chakra of “those who will accomplish the path of the mystical union with God in this flesh they now wear.” He asked that we embody the name of a virtue and said:

May the name of that virtue become the label on the seed that I have placed that might grow in the crown chakra if you nurture it. May you strive to become the God-identification, the God-embodiment of that virtue. And may you be so, that when you graduate from earth you may be acknowledged for your attainment upon that single virtue. Meditate a moment now and see the title of a single virtue that does descend upon your crown chakra with the seed of light.[1]


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