The Spirit of Selflessness

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The Spirit of Selflessness is a cosmic being from out the Great Central Sun. Selfless, spiritual, divine love is almost unknown on our planet. For the most part mankind exhibit selfishness and self-love. The great Spirit of Selflessness explains that the less aware of self you become, the more of God you retain. In this Spirit is the all-consuming power of the action that will transform selfhood into Godhood, even while retaining the individualization of a God flame.

Saint Francis, by Cimabue (lower basilica, Assisi)

The life of Saint Francis demonstrated the spirit of selflessness. In his prayer “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace,” Saint Francis desired to convey the comforting aspects of the Holy Spirit, realizing that his God Self and not his lower self was the source of that peace. He knew that by letting God’s peace flow through him like the wind rustling in the trees, he would become one with the Spirit, hence one with all life that proceedeth therefrom. Because his prayer to the Holy Spirit was utterly selfless, it left an indelible imprint upon the consciousness of mankind and elemental life.

The Spirit of Selflessness says:

I am the fullness of the All-One. For only in the spirit of selflessness can you be aware of the allness of Being. For the awareness of a self apart from God is a shadow that prevails to separate, to prevent the fullness of consciousness from coalescing a cosmos about the flame of identity....

The woes and the disturbances and the upheavals [that we see in the world] are these planetary adjustments that mankind would not have if they would only understand the spirit of selflessness. It is not a false humility; it is not a false pride. It is an awareness of the circumference of God and of the dot inside—the point of contact that is the Self of God with which you totally identify. And therefore you are not deprived of the identity when you embrace this spirit, but you have the return of the allness of Being.[1]

Archangel Michael spoke of his own sacrifice, total surrender and unending service and asked us to also become the spirit of selflessness, telling us that when we are,

... you will discover the key to the courage, the honor and the bravery of my legions. For in selflessness, there is no self that can live or die, for that self merely is, always has been, and ever shall be. Selflessness—without the human self and fully endued with the Divine Self, beloved, you are never a target in this octave.

Thus, if you stick out a little itty-bitty toe outside the circle of your service, blessed ones, be prepared. For that little toe of self-awareness in the human, finite condition will render you vulnerable. Stand on and in the circle of infinity, beloved, and know that it is an armour beneath you. And one day it shall be a dais from which there shall spring spontaneously, in the presence of Serapis Bey, truly, the ascension flame.[2]

The Maha Chohan has spoken of this great being:

You received the dictation of the Spirit of Selflessness in the heart of the Great Central Sun in this very city. That individualization of the God flame is such a consecration of Alpha and Omega that that individuality was veiled from your eyes and from your awareness, for you yourself would be astounded to know how much power and how much wisdom and how much love can be contained in the life of the individual who has become the selfless one. But as you pursue this path you will come more and more in contact with that one who lives in the Sun behind the sun of your own being, a great cosmic consciousness.[3]


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