The Spirit of the Resurrection

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The cosmic being known as the Spirit of the Resurrection bears the flame of resurrection, a mother-of-pearl color, to bring new life and to overcome the consciousness of death and hell.

The Spirit of the Resurrection says:

I AM the flaming presence of the resurrection. I AM the fire of Easter morn. I come out of the whirlwind of the sacred fire that is God and I AM that consciousness of regeneration, resurrection that lives and moves and breathes in the heart of the Flame. I AM that flaming presence. I AM that identification with God, with solar fire, compelling all of life to rise higher into the fullness of the action of the Law....

You must understand that without the crucifixion there can be no resurrection. Therefore, in the spirit of the resurrection I come, as holy Mary,[1] to anoint your bodies with oil against the day of your burying, the burying of mortality, of the carnal consciousness. That is the symbol of the crucifixion.[2]

This cosmic being speaks of the first resurrection and the second resurrection:

I speak to you of your emergence from the world of darkness and your coming into the light as your first resurrection on the day when you declare, “This day I am born of God, I am a son of God, I am in the flame of God and I know who I am!”

This is your resurrection from the tomb of death and darkness and of the false generations of the worldly ones. On this day of days, then, when you accept that new birth in resurrection’s fires, you begin the path of initiation. You begin the way that leads to the second resurrection, after which you will have then put on that garment that will enable you to stand in the presence of Luxor and the priests of the sacred fire in preparation for your ascension in the light.[3]

Wherever any man or any woman stands before the initiators in the Great Pyramid, before the tomb where the old self is laid, where the new self will stand forth, wherever men and women of righteousness are found waiting upon the LORD to partake of the glorious realization of oneness, there I am, the Spirit of the Resurrection, to initiate the spiral of victory.

There is no other presence, no other power, no other knowing than that of flaming victory. Trust, then, in God. Trust in him who is thy life. Trust in every heart flame that glows in resurgence, in support of heaven’s good will.

I am that fiery trial. I am in the center of the fire. I build the furnace. I push you through the door and I compel you to dissolve that human consciousness in the fire, the sacred fire that is the coolness of the Maha Chohan, the Great Lord who embodies the very breath and consciousness of the Holy Spirit.[4]


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