The Unknown Master of the Himalayas

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An ascended master who identified himself simply as the Unknown Master of the Himalayas spoke in 1985. He came in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood out of the East, out of the Himalayas and in the center of Krishna.

In a fiery release he said:

I have spoken from the very heart of the Eternal Guru, Sanat Kumara. And I come, then, as the Unknown Master of the Himalayas. And you may or may not know me, but in your heart you know the vibration and the Word of the eternal Shepherd whom I represent.[1]

To know the name of a master is a dispensation, because the master’s true name is a key to their identity that allows access to the master’s causal body by unascended mankind. Perhaps in not releasing a name, this master desires us not to think of an outer label, but get to the core of who he really is.


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