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Twice a year—at winter and summer solstice—the Lords of Karma convene in the council chambers of the Royal Teton Retreat to act upon the petitions of sons and daughters of God and to deliver the cosmic dispensations that come forth from the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun—allotments of energy for the enlightenment and progress of humanity. Each New Year’s Eve, the thoughtform for the year is released from the Silent Watcher of this solar system to the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, who in turn releases it to earth’s unascended evolutions from the Royal Teton Retreat.

The thoughtform contains the keys to the outpicturing of the will of God for the planet for the coming twelve-month cycle. The pattern is a nucleus of Light, a forcefield of energy that is deemed necessary for the next step of progress, the next level of initiation and release of light to the earth.

Thoughtforms for different years

1962 A golden “spinning wheel”

The thoughtform for the year, which beloved Gautama described so well in his New Year’s address, is a golden “spinning wheel” releasing a golden thread of pure radiant energy to each lifestream to manifest as his apportioned substance. The nine spokes of the wheel are indicative of the seven members of the Karmic Board, and includes also beloved Gautama Lord of the World and blessed Saint Germain who are spokesmen for the Great White Brotherhood throughout the golden age. This golden thread, symbolical of each man esteeming his life energy as obedient substance, subjective with joy to God’s will, shall be used in the golden age to weave garments of immortality to endure as Christ accomplishment in a living memorial to God’s honor flame![1]

1963 Three overlapping stars

The thoughtform for the year, beloved ones, is quite simple and yet beautiful. The thoughtform for this year, beloved ones, consists of three overlapping stars. These stars, beloved ones, are six-pointed stars. The star in the background is blue, representing the will of God; the next star is yellow, or golden, representing the illumination of God; and the smaller star is the pink star, representing the love of God. This is a part of the thoughtform.

And superimposed upon the thoughtform, radiating from the very center, are two secret rays. Directed downward in golden color, they form an inverted V. Upward, the two secret rays are directed; and therefore a cross, such as the Roman numeral X, is formed. To the right, two more secret rays go forth—and to the left. And therefore, there is superimposed upon this beautiful three-part star, composing three stars in one symbol, four Vs representing the cardinal points of the compass—the North, the East, the West, and the South.

The meaning of this symbol is quite clear: that it is in the balance of the will of God, the love of God, and the wisdom of God that mankind shall attain their victory, and that this balance is sent the world around by the Brotherhood to bring the victory of immortal love, wisdom, and intelligence into the hearts of men, that those waiting hearts may receive the fullness of that for which they have called.[2]

1964 A golden anvil

At our meeting in the Grand Teton this year and the occasion of the glorious visit of the Seven Holy Kumaras, the thoughtform for the year was released as a golden anvil. Wherever this thoughtform is used it is our suggestion that the brightest possible gold be employed in creating it. We also suggest that the word freedom be placed above it, denoting that mankind’s chains may be broken upon an anvil of freedom and as a reminder that once every form of tyranny and slavery have been abolished, responsibility does not thereupon cease; on the contrary, that all must strive together in the great smithy forge of life through their own intelligently directed efforts and through the great God-design to hammer out upon the great anvil of freedom, which is truly a golden anvil of illumined action, every necessary armor of righteousness, every necessary adornment and utensil of service, every right idea, and every right action.

The possibilities in this thoughtform seem endless but it is our desire, especially in view of the fact that it will be some time before the words of our New Year’s Eve address are released in print, that we, through the expression of this Pearl of Wisdom, shall bring to your attention this mighty thoughtform. The year has begun with a special impetus of beloved Mother Mary who is serving with El Morya to bring forth a beautiful manifestation of the virgin good will of God in a cosmic and universal action for the freedom of both the individual and the earth.

Long ago a gaunt figure, surveying the battlefields of Gettysburg, uttered these well-remembered words—“The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Beloved ones, may I from Shamballa remind you of the forerunners of progress who have dedicated themselves to the service of mankind and the holy cause of Godliness. Let everyone who would decipher the keynote for this year see it as an anvil of service, a golden anvil, whereupon mighty benefactions shall be fashioned for the good of the world and the freedom of all men. As we move forward toward peace with caution exercised on every hand and faith in God in whom we trust, let all persevere so the divine intent shall gleam more brightly.[3]

1965 A golden scroll with the words “PEACE With Honor”

And now behold, I see a golden scroll descending from God out of heaven and upon it there is one word and the word is PEACE, and this is also written in gold. And now the hand of an angel adds two very small words beneath—With Honor. And I see the cosmic honor flame of God blazing from afar as a candle in the dark that passes through the universe and causes life to start, to regenerate, to purify, to be all that he is and all that I am and all that you are in the great divine reality of your being.[4]

1966 A hand holding a golden key with the word LOVE

The thoughtform for the year is a hand—a right hand from above, holding a golden key with three notches in the key and on the side of the key, the letters L-O-V-E—LOVE.

From on high, God’s hand holds the key, which is Love, by which all doors may open to every devotee of the Most High. Love is the key that opens every door, and if the doors of the hearts of men are to respond to God, it must be by a great outpouring of divine love this year. And this is the attitude of wisdom. Let him who has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit saith unto all men.[5]

Love seeks not herself, but to bestow upon the beloved every gracious gift.[6] And the simplicity of love in the childlike way is the key to mankind’s victory—to mankind’s victory that can open every door.

Therefore, the three notches are defined as making this key capable of opening the doors below in the realm of the material, the doors of mind, and the doors of memory to all that Love can bestow and all that Love is and all that God would make mankind to be.

These simple statements are charged with the essence of man’s freedom. Without these statements in action, mankind can but come to naught; and with these statements in action, Love then becomes the key that bestows the grace of heaven upon earth in every age.[7]

1967 A golden replica of the Earth

The thoughtform for the year is a beautiful golden replica of the planetary body Earth. And through the axis thereof and actually manifesting on the outer periphery of that Earth is the stalk of a beautiful golden calla lily—the calla lily rising up to what is known as the North Pole and extending its influences not only over the Earth and its people but over the immediate area of outer space surrounding your world, the area that has been penetrated by numerous vehicles which the mankind of Earth have sent to outer space as a probe and experiment for interplanetary travel.

We ask that this holy image of cosmic purity—for above the lily are the golden Old English letters entitled “God-Purity.” The precious calla lily has within it the amrita, the nectar of the holy ones who have attained their victory upon every planet in this system of worlds and are, spiritually speaking, appointed by divine decree to be lords of the individual worlds of the planetary bodies of this system. And therefore, the radiance and momentum of each such a one is within this calla-lily cup, this golden vessel of the temple from on high.

And purity, even God-purity, is the salvation of the Earth throughout the twelve-month cycle to come. And it is the means of the purification of the temple of each individual’s world and the universal purification of all upon this planetary body to whom renewed hope then is given that purity and purification are possibilities to every man.[8]

Medallion based on the thoughtform for the year 1968

1968 A golden sun with the word UNO

The pages have delivered to us the veil, and the veil is being withdrawn from the descending thoughtform of the year [1968]. It is simple and beautiful and complete, and I reverence it.

It is simply a golden sun with the word UNO engraven upon it out of golden substance and filling it from zenith unto the base—UNO, flowing out, with the U cupped as a gentle cup and tilted slightly to the right, coming down in a circular fashion toward the bottom, and then an N rising up to the top, and to the far right an O. UNO—unity in the heart of the sun.

There is no complication here. How can men find fault with it or speak of it disparagingly? For it speaks of the hour when creation was one and of the hour when it shall be again.[9]

A modern replica of the Ark of the Covenant

1969 The Ark of the Covenant

The chalice descends, and in it is the thoughtform for the year [1969]. It is the Ark of the Covenant. It is simple. It was formed long ago. And now we see it in its preserved and beauteous state, inlaid with gold and having upon its top the covering cherubim.

We see the light of the Ark of the Covenant in all of its blazing brilliance, the Shekinah glory. And this ancient symbol of Israel and of the promise speaks to men of their rights to make a covenant with God and to know that this Divine One will also place the Tablets of the Law within the ark of their heart. Is it not written, “I will write my laws in your hearts and minds, in your hearts and minds will I write them, saith the Lord”?[10]

Let no one be disappointed at this thoughtform. For the Lords that have delivered it unto us have great faith that, although it is a symbol old, it is a symbol of particular meaning for this year of peril. For do not men now more than ever need to make a covenant with God? And if that covenant be with your own beloved I AM Presence, is it not then sealed in the wholeness of truth and the faith that you bear in your heart? Does it not relate to the identity of each one of you? Does it not bring you joy to know that in your heart this thoughtform can itself lodge and bring you peace?

You can feel, in the hidden recesses of your heart within, the presence of this ark—an ark of safety, an ark of light, a place to receive the commandments of God, that they themselves, being written there, may speak out from your heart with the authority of the Law from Zion. For did I not correctly apprehend him when he said, “Zion is my holy mount and I will dwell therein forever”?[11] Shall not the joy of Zion, then, run throughout the earth, and the great four rivers themselves in their confluence comment upon the restoration of the consciousness of Eden?[12]

1970 A golden pyramid with a magnificent capstone

This time a strange phenomenon is witnessed, for there are two bearers in white that are accompanying the beloved Sanat Kumara. And they are carrying what appears to be a giant white pyramid. And within this white pyramid, something is enfolded—some object, we are certain.

And we do have the power to penetrate the beautiful white substance that shimmers so delightfully, which is shaped as a great white pyramid. And we could, if we would, go through it and see what it is—before he chose to reveal it. But here is a beautiful example of cosmic graciousness: no one, no one of us would dream of doing it. For we wait as you do for the supreme moment of revelation when all will be revealed.

And now, the two gracious gentlemen in white have placed upon the altar here, in the Great Throne Room of the Teton, this precious pyramid of white. And two beautiful angelic beings are approaching to remove the covering. As they lift it now, what do you think the thoughtform for the year [1970] has become? A natural figure that some of you may have anticipated, for they say that coming events cast their shadows before them—and in this case, it is a golden pyramid with a magnificent white capstone with the eye of God looking every way within it. And the light rays are magnificently pouring out from it!

Your Pyramid Conference symbol, the symbol of the Great Seal of the United States,[13] has now become a symbol of world building, of personal building—the building of the character of the individual, the building and raising of the Pyramid of Life, the elevation and constructivism of a new era as the decade begins. And all is centered in the magnificent capstone of life, light, and love. The eye of God, then, beholds the affairs of men, and whatsoever they do in secret can be shouted and shall be shouted from the housetops.[14]

1971 The upper figure of the chart of the Presence superimposed over the earth

Let us now, then, gaze into the cosmic ethers, as we see the approach of a great cosmic white cloud. And behind that cloud, veiled in pure, radiant light, is the thoughtform for this forthcoming year [1971]—a form of great loveliness and beauty, which is the reality of the radiance of every man’s consciousness.

We want you, then, to understand that we have chosen as the universal thoughtform for this year the symbol of a great, cosmic golden ring. In the center of this great, cosmic golden ring is held, in the background, the image of a world, or globe.

Superimposed over that, you will find the upper figure in the chart of the Presence, or the causal body of every man [the earth is suspended within the spheres of the causal body]—signifying that the salvation of the planetary body shall also be the transcendent glory and beauty of the I AM Presence in all of its radiant power, as it is recognized by humanity and they understand that through the power of the I AM Presence, they can invoke from God those majestic outpourings referred to as the ‘latter rain’[15] of living loveliness and love, whereby the world can be literally transformed into the newness of the golden age.

For the newness of this cosmic fire, the newness of this great golden ring, signifies the eternal values in time and space, placed there by the hand of God as a tender seed is lowered into the heart of the earth for the manifestation of a beautiful tree or a flowering plant—redundant, then, as some may see it, but actually emanating the transcendent manifestation of eternal principles which will cause the world to be literally dusted with destiny and thus create in their consciousness the understanding that all of heaven has conspired to pour out upon the world the fountain of God’s love, the strength of his heart, the will and wisdom and wit to do those things which are necessary—

Not to make a shambles of it and of all conditions manifesting in the world but to transform the world by new plans to educate the young people of the world in a manner in which they have not formerly been educated, bringing them into the strange understanding, at last, that their actions toward one another ought to be the actions of the Prince of Peace,[16] who long ago spoke to the world and said, Love one another, for love is the fulfilling of the law.[17]

Will you recognize with me, as I come to you this night, that this thoughtform is a magnificent outpouring of cosmic strength—the image of the world, the planetary globe held in the background before the heart of the Presence of each individual upon the planetary body? For only thus, by encasing all in the golden circlet of God’s holy love and purposes, can we produce in the world that cosmic miracle of light and love for which the hearts of the saints and the holy beings have so long prayed.[18]

1972 A golden clock with the hands pointing to five minutes to twelve

As our consciousness is raised on high unto the vibratory level of the Spirit, we behold at last the beauty of the cosmic cloud, tinged with gold, coming down out of heaven as an unrolling scroll.

Behind the cloud is an unearthly light. A sudden splendor fills the air, as though a bolt of blue lightning had peacefully descended through the waiting air to cleave asunder the pathway of space from infinity into the time constant. And with the moving of the belt of time, the hand of God delivers unto us the mighty scroll containing the thoughtform for this year [1972].

It is the face of a golden clock with the hands pointing to five minutes to twelve. And at the point of twelve, a beautiful Maltese cross springs forth, embellished with thirty-six magnificent amethysts within each arm of the cross. And the cross is symbolical—symbolical of the perfection of the Presence bringing unto mankind’s attention the fact that the time is short.

The fact that the face of the clock is golden and the hours are likewise golden, the fact that at the apex of twelve stands the transmuting, perfectly balanced cross of the cosmic law, the Maltese cross (which is symbolical of the perfectionment of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom to the Earth), containing the thirty-six symbolical jewels in each arm (the number 144 revealing the archetypes of perfection), should speak to all hearts, showing them their appointed sphere and their appointed opportunity, which is the dedication of themselves unto the Sun behind the sun.

For in reality, the golden face of the clock is the face of the sun. And all should understand that the rays of the fiery orb itself, which beautifully inhabits the universe, are tangible ones, affecting the magnetic flux of the Earth and of all planetary orbs, assisting the boat of the planet Earth to float through the ocean of space in palatial splendor, a godchild from the heart of God.[19]

1973 The hand of God holding a torch of hope, faith and charity

We ask tonight, then, that you recognize the thoughtform [for 1973] in the hands of the Great One descending now through the glowing cloud. For what is the thoughtform? The thoughtform is the hand of God holding a torch of hope, of faith, and of charity to the world, to all mankind.

It is simply a descending hand, firm and strong as praying hands. For these are the hands of God. The left hand of God is hidden from view, but the right hand of God penetrates the cloud. And man beholds in the hand of God a blazing torch which must be passed unto another.

And so each of you must understand that in the forthcoming year it is a solemn responsibility for you, if you would do the will of heaven, to pass the torch to another while still fulfilling its destiny for yourself. Do you understand that you cannot pass it until you have fulfilled some grand and glorious act of service unto the Brotherhood—the bringing of some soul a ray of light or of hope? This is not contrary to man’s will. It is a part of God’s will within man.[20]

1974 The image of the face of Almighty God

And now from the hand of Almighty God, delivered unto me, comes the thoughtform for the year 1974. And out of the golden capsule, spherical in shape, there is unfolded before my gaze the image of the face of Almighty God! And this thoughtform is placed in the heart of the earth, in the heart of the sun of even pressure.

And thus it has been said, “No man shall see the face of God and live.”[21] God says, “No man shall see the face of God and live as man.” For to see that face, that image holy, is to be transformed in the likeness of God. Therefore that image is held in the white-fire core of Terra, ready to be impressed upon the souls through the third eye of lightbearers. But to every soul upon the planet, there will be one opportunity in this year to make the decision to be transformed in the likeness of God. By surrender, by humility, by atonement for sin, every lifestream may come to the altar and have impressed upon being and consciousness this likeness of the Almighty One.

This is the gift of God, that all mankind might be raised from the animal state and return to the pristine glory of the original creation in the heart of God. For you see, unless and until every man and every woman is found in the likeness of God, the golden age will remain in the wings of the etheric plane, waiting to descend. For the meaning of the golden age is the coming of golden man and golden woman, and also of the golden mean of the Eightfold Path of the Buddha.[22]

1975 A multifaceted jewel focusing the flame of the mind of God

Now comes the sphere sealed with the light of the Ancient of Days, sealed with the kiss of Sanat Kumara. And as the golden ball of the year descends into this forcefield, there is a bursting of the ball, and into the cup of consciousness descends the thoughtform for the year 1975—a multifaceted jewel focusing the flame of the mind of God, a gem that is not of this world; nor does it bear resemblance to the crystals of this plane. In the center of the jewel is that flame of the mind of God.

And this is the jewel that is worn around the neck of the Cosmic Virgin, the Virgin One passing through the stars, the stars passing through the body of the Mother. And so we behold the Divine Mother keeping the flame of the mind of God for the children of God.

This jewel is anchored in the etheric plane of the planet at the retreat at Shamballa. And the fire of God’s mind focused therein will be for the quickening of the consciousness of mankind in the way of truth and the restoration of balance, of vision infusing the mind with that love that enables life to impart a gnosis of the Logos.

It is necessary that in this year and in the years to come there be a redemption of the fires of the mind of mankind. And ultimately this focus foretells the day when all mankind shall return to the oneness of the mind of God, which they knew before the descent into carnality. Reaching for the mind of God, every soul upon earth will have a quickening. And those who make the call will have an increase of faculties, of intelligence, of the will to expand the mind to include the facets and dimensions of the cosmic mind.

Now, then, we shall see how this gift of God from on high will increase the capacity of millions to carry the flame of God. How gracious is our LORD! How gracious is Alpha and Omega! How wondrous is opportunity!

I AM privileged to be aware of selfhood as Godhood. I AM called the Enlightened One. And so I say, be enlightened. Be filled with the light of the mind of Buddha. So now, the fires which he has so graciously anchored in my mind I transfer to all who will receive them for the burning, for the consuming, for the clearing of the way. For you see, in this thoughtform for the year, in this jewel (as with any other thoughtform), there is the capacity to multiply again and again that forcefield.

As this jewel is placed in Shamballa, so you may have placed within your own mind—if you will prepare, if you will be purged by the fires of my holy offering—a replica of the jewel of the flame, of the action of cosmic consciousness.

The replica of the jewel, the image fair, is a delicate forcefield, a forcefield that may be broken by misuse. Therefore call and then call again for the reinforcement of the jewel of the mind of God in the center of the head between the third eye and the crown chakra.

So you see how God Almighty, cosmic hierarchies, and cosmic councils are determined that mankind should experience a rebirth through the quickening, the rejuvenation, the cosmic action of the mind of God.[23]

1976 The diamond pin of the Divine Mother

Now the angels of Sanat Kumara, angels from out the Great Central Sun, angels of cosmos are winging their way carrying the scroll, the sacred scroll, on which is written the thoughtform for the year 1976. They place it in my hands and I unroll the sacred scroll. And there is given to Terra in this year a focus of the [Diamond heart|[Diamond Heart]] of Mary, the Diamond Heart of the Divine Mother. And this focus is the diamond pin which the Divine Mother has worn upon her breast for centuries and centuries. It is a diamond pin which you have seen as you have come to the altar of the Divine Mother even thousands and tens of thousands of years ago. In your eye, your very eye, there is a record of this diamond pin which you have seen. And therefore, it is a sign of home, of Mother’s love, of her caress, of her heart. And it will be a sign to all of the children of Terra that the Mother is nigh.

She comes at first veiled, and her children know her by her signs—her voice, her laughter, her joy, her sorrow, her understanding, her silence and her silent glow. But most of all, the children will remember that when they were held in the arms of Mother and they opened their eyes, they saw that diamond pin shining, reflecting the threefold flame of her heart. And as they closed their eyes again to sleep the sleep of love and dream the dream of the One, they were comforted in that matrix of the Diamond Heart of Mother ray.

So it is enshrined for the opening of the heart chakras, for souls to rise to the level of the heart so that I can take them to the level of the crown. Just as the Holy Kumaras and the Ancient of Days released the electrode of the mind of God, so we release this electrode for the stirring of the hearts of a people to the memory of Mother, and they will follow that memory to her teaching. And when they come to her teaching, they will find me there and I will raise them to the enlightenment of Father.

Now, take the lessons of the Buddha and the Mother, and the meditations. Take the mantras, take the songs, take the love, take the truth, take the identity of your Real Self, and make them live. Make them live! Make them live, my children! And you, too, shall live![24]

1977 A golden eagle from the God Star Sirius

And now the angels of the Ancient of Days draw nigh. The angels of the Ancient of Days come forth. And the thoughtform for the year 1977 is upon us. Now there is the opening, the unwrapping of a very large box. The angels have brought and placed before the Buddha the gift of the Christ Mass. They kneel; they remove the wrappings and the ribbon. They remove the lid from the box and they place before me this thoughtform: A golden eagle from the God Star Sirius—the golden eagle that is the archetype of the deliverance of the sons and daughters of God that has ever been the symbol and the signet of Sirius and of the nations sponsored by the Four and Twenty Elders.

It is the golden eagle of America. It is the symbol of redemption. And so the gathering together of the eagles is the great gathering of those who are called and have been called of old for this hour of the victory.

And coming forth from the heart of this eagle is a diamond light. It is a diamond that is turning, and the light of the diamond within that heart is for the reflection of the light of cosmic spheres. Coming forth, then, out of that diamond is the very consciousness of the heart of God. In that heart is the flame of the Trinity that manifests.

Now is the return to honor, to the honor and the ritual of the Court of the Sacred Fire, after which the court of Camelot was molded. And so the mighty eagle that comes from Sirius, the golden focus of the return to the golden age and the age of the standard of gold, shall be in the heart of the earth and in the heart of the people. It shall be hovering without and within this sphere. As I am a thousand million Buddhas everywhere I am, so a thousand million golden eagles come as the multiplication of the gift by the Spirit of the living God descends now, even into your own heart’s chalice.

This is the gift of the thoughtform for the year 1977. It is that the Lord God has decided to place in the hearts of lightbearers that replica of the golden eagle that you might be walking, living emissaries of Sirius, that you might be serious in your calling, that you might bow to the Lords of Flame each day, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Holy Kumaras and the Four and Twenty Elders and the four angels and the four beasts who are the forcefields of cosmic consciousness in the God Star.

God wills to live on earth, in earth this year in a very peculiar fashion through a very peculiar and precious people. And therefore, God places himself as a golden eagle. And so you see, when you walk the earth, should someone chance to notice that you are wearing a golden eagle in your heart, they will never suspect that it is God. And therefore, the merriment and the joy, the concealing within the eagle of the real and lively living flame of the Almighty One.[25]

1978 An angel with a scroll with the name of those called to the Guru/chela relationship

Now then, in preparation for the year nineteen hundred seventy-eight as the year of the establishment of the tie of the Guru/chela relationship, there come chelas from Shamballa, chelas bearing the great sphere in which is contained the thought form for the year. It is Sanat Kumara who dispenses the thought form for the year 1978. And the great crystal sphere of light that he has brought to Shamballa this night he has entrusted to the chelas of the Buddha who abide within that temple. And so they come in honor of the disciples East and West, all who are keeping the flame of Life according to their love, according to their wisdom, according to the power of the law of God.

These 144 bow before the focus of myself at this altar, and at the etheric level they pass to me the crystalline sphere of light. And in my hand now, as I hold the sphere of energy, Sanat Kumara releases the ray for the opening of the sphere of light. Angelic hosts now unwind the spiral coil of this sphere. And in the center of the sphere, the thought form for the year 1978—the figure of a man, a man who is not a man but an angel, an angel kneeling before the flame of the ark of the covenant and the covering cherubim and the flame of the ark. And the one who kneels now rises with a scroll that he unwinds within his hand. And upon the scroll, the names of those lifestreams upon earth who are called this year to enter into the intimate relationship of the Guru/chela with an ascended master—with Saint Germain, with El Morya, with Lanello, with Maitreya, with Padma Sambhava.

Blessed ones, the legions of Sanat Kumara implant this thought form within the hearts of those to whom is destined the closer walk with God. And legions of angels from the Central Sun and from the Ancient of Days come to reinforce the blessed tie.[26]

1979 A flag of the United States of America in its inner design

Angels from out the Central Sun are descending now with the thoughtform for the year 1979. They deliver to me that symbol which is to be the symbol of light and of the lowering of the light from Alpha and Omega to evolutions of earth in this year. Now with the opening and the unveiling of the emblem, you will come to understand your great tie to the God Star, Sirius, and even the symbol of the eagle.

It is a flag of the United States of America and you see it now in its inner design. You see the stripes, and the red ones have become the gold of the blood of Christ that is the liquid consciousness of Spirit. And you see the white as the energy of Omega, Mother, purity, path of initiation and ascension. The thirteen stripes in gold and white now are the understanding of your wholeness in Alpha and Omega and the path ahead of your initiation in purity by enlightenment. Only those who are enlightened by the light of Alpha can be wholly pure in Omega.

These thirteen bands are thirteen rays of the return of the twelve tribes and the thirteenth tribe of the priesthood. That priesthood has become the Order of Melchizedek manifesting the Christ consciousness in the center of the circle.

As you gaze upon the white stars, you will see that each star is the sign of the coming of a great avatar into your midst—fifty of these avatars destined to be born in this year if you will allow it. The LORD God has said to me, I will allow it. I will find the home of light and the parents for these souls. Their starry bodies will be magnets of the Central Sun—magnifying the divine plan, the teaching, the love, the compassion, the mercy, the forgiveness—each one a freedom star, each one a messenger unto the fifty states. The white upon the blue is the T’ai Chi, Alpha/Omega, Spirit becoming Matter, Matter becoming Spirit.

And now in cosmic spheres, you see in another level of that emblem a mighty eagle. And as you look closely you see the formation of angels of Surya coming to earth to reinforce your ranks.

The Great White Brotherhood, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, raises the Old Glory unto the new glory of the New Jerusalem, founded in this nation, sealed within the heart of our messenger and our chelas. Long may it wave. And may it be the emblem that is the sign and the standard for the rallying of the forces of light.

It is returned to you after hundreds of thousands of years. For this, the original standard, is that with which souls of light went forth to claim an earth and an evolution for the victory and to one day come to these shores known as the Promised Land. For here in America, you were told by Alpha and Omega, every promise of God to your soul would be fulfilled if your free will would confirm that promise. And so America has been a land of hope and of dreams and of opportunity and of fulfillment for many.[27]

1980 The great symbol of Life begetting Life

Out of the inner spheres, out of the Great Central Sun, O my beloved, there comes the sealed light of the thought form for the year, as it is accounted in the earth, 1980. Out of the great heart of Sanat Kumara, whose heart is the chalice of Solar Logoi, whose hearts raise up the chalice unto the God of very gods—so there descends the thought form that delineates the matrix in the mind of God of that which is to be a year and a decade of integration.

The great symbol of Life begetting Life that I give to your upraised chalices from our dear LORD now appears before us as a mighty fiery figure eight. And, my beloved, it is a piercing light. And in the inner dimensions of cosmos, it is in all dimensions so spherical. And the movement of light illustrates even the very secrets of the movement of cosmos.

Suspended, then, in the upper sphere is the Madonna of the Universal Mother. She is beautiful to behold—God as Mother. And her flowing garments and her light; and the cherubim—who surround her and the billowing garments—extend gently. And in the lower figure there appears the image of the Manchild. And that Manchild is the Person of the Cosmic Christ. And lo, the fulfillment of the Almighty in this year and the symbol of Life is the coming of the Mother and the Child.

Mary and Jesus have held this archetypal symbol in the earth. Now the cosmic hour is struck when those who worship God in Spirit (the Spirit of the I AM THAT I AM of the Father) and in Truth (the Truth of the Son incarnate as the Christ Self) must worship God as Mother ennobling Life. And they must worship the Manchild in each little child and manchild....

I tell you, beloved ones, this thought form of the year is in consonance with the vision of John in Revelation of the Woman clothed with the sun appearing in heaven and bringing forth the Manchild. Therefore you may also know that it is the sign when the Woman who is raised up is the Woman persecuted by the dragon. Thereby you will know it is the sign of the coming of Michael the Archangel and all of the Armageddon which follows when Serpent, the Devil and Satan, the great red dragon are cast out of the upper sphere into the lower sphere to be the testing of the souls who would enter into the heart flame of the Manchild.[28]

Understand this, my beloved—that the devil is come down having great wrath, making war with the remnant of the Woman’s seed. Understand that it is the initiation of the seed of the Woman to overcome that dragon, before that seed might truly enter into the lower sphere and be forevermore the Divine Manchild held in the arms of the Universal Mother.[29]

1981 The right hand of God over the earth extended in a mudra of peace, the left hand beneath

The thought form for the year 1981 is the hand of God over earth, extended in the mudra of peace. The right hand of God over the earth, the left hand beneath the earth—thus, the currents of Alpha and Omega sustaining Cosmic Christ peace, passing through the planetary body and evolutions.

Peace be unto you from the heart of Sanat Kumara, from the heart of Almighty God. From above, from beneath—the flame of peace is amplified. Already, in seconds, Elohim and archangels, legions of peace and of the Lord Jesus Christ and the avatars take up the thought form in heart and begin to send streams, tributaries of peace to reinforce this thought form.

There will be no peace on earth this year without a price or without honor. The sacred fire of peace will increase, at first, the tensions of war and the uncovering of the records of war. Be not dismayed if nation shall take up war against nation, for this is not the sign of the end but the sign of the coming of the flame of peace that must precede the golden age. And if peace accelerating in thy heart produce a sword in thy members—I pray, bear it well. I pray, fasten the soul to the most perfect love and the most perfect star of thy mighty I AM Presence.

If peace as a sword in the nations produce turmoil and strife, remember—remember the Rock,[30] remember the mountain, remember that following this meditation you will remember that out of the heart of the mountain of peace within the desire body is the perfect peace of the light of the Great Central Sun which you may invoke and call forth and direct for the consuming of war, the consciousness behind war, the causes and effects of war, and the ungodly buildup of armaments East and West. And know that each and every opposing vibration of peace can be consumed out of the fount of light and energy within the heart of the mountain.[31]

1982 A scroll held by two doves: “A Proclamation of Freedom by the World Mother”

I stretch forth my hand to receive from the hand of the Lord Sanat Kumara the beautiful New Year’s scroll. I open it in the heart of the Royal Teton Retreat. And now there appears before me the thought form for the year 1982.

It is the white dove of the Holy Spirit, two doves holding a scroll itself. It is entitled: “A Proclamation of Freedom by the World Mother.” It is written by the hand of beloved Omega. It is a divine document that proclaims for individuals and peoples, karmic groups upon earth, light-bearers, embodied angels—each and every one!—a statement of freedom. It is the annunciation of freedom.

This thought form of the scroll held by two doves is delivered individually to the heart of every light-bearer on earth. There are even proclamations for those who have fallen from grace who yet are given opportunity to return to that level of grace by accepting and implementing the proclamation of freedom that affects their individual lifestreams.

This scroll contains an outline of the final opportunity for freedom, and the freedom ultimately to be God, to every lifestream upon earth yet counted under this dispensation by beloved Alpha and Omega.

One can see that many months, by earth’s time, have been necessary for the writing of the proclamation. It is the stretching forth of the hand of the Mother Guru, Ah!-Mega, Oh!-Mega, that no stone be left unturned in order that every last lifestream might know the meaning of freedom, what is accorded by cosmic law to his lifestream, and the knowledge of its implementation as well. All of the writing is in script and in gold.

One can see how the heart of the messenger, inclined to the heart of Omega, has captured some elements of this proclamation and this thought form in the one that she has delivered on Christmas Day.[32] There are many more freedoms to be proclaimed and grievances to be stated. This, Omega herself has done.

The Cosmic Virgin has beheld the travail of her sons, over aeons in time and space, to draw back to the heart of the Father the recalcitrant, decadent ones, the stubborn and the proud, the willful and the estranged. This proclamation is made in honor of the truly herculean efforts that have been made by world teachers, shepherds, and avatars inasmuch as they have spent their life, embodiment after embodiment, to draw the light-bearers home.

Omega has honored their unrewarded endeavor by this reward (which I can tell you, on behalf of all of us who have served, is the greatest reward which we could receive)—“A Proclamation of Freedom,” that we might know in our hearts throughout all eternity that not only our own efforts but that of the Cosmic Virgin herself were not spared and that truly every lifestream received the ultimate opportunity to choose to live in and as God forevermore!

Blessed ones, the Lord Sanat Kumara tells me that this very thought form of the scroll, with the two doves bearing it in their beaks, is part of the ancient memory of every soul gone forth from the Great Throne Room of Alpha and Omega. For Omega’s parting words to those who went forth were a reminder that in the final hour of opportunity, when no more chances might be taken to go in a way perverse should come—that in that hour, two doves would appear, two doves would appear with the scroll “A Proclamation of Freedom.”

For, you see, one of the greatest mistakes of the recalcitrant ones is to always think that Mother will give them one more chance, one more round, one more opportunity. And, of course, all good things must come to an end, even the playground of the Matter spheres. And the school bell rings. And the Teacher/Mother must call her children home from the playgrounds of the universes of life.

Thus, that they might truly know that the bell will not sound again, each was to receive and does in this hour receive that personal scroll of “A Proclamation of Freedom” specifically applicable to his own lifestream.

Let us dream the dream of God for all life. Let us understand the love of Omega for Alpha and of Alpha for Omega—and in the divine parents represented here in Elohim know that each dove bears in its heart the kiss of Father, the kiss of Mother, and that is the transmission and the greeting when the doves descend to each heart.

I tell you, blessed ones, as these scrolls are being delivered by millions of doves of the Spirit upon earth in this moment, there are hearts leaping for joy, such immense and untold joy! And there are others who are sorely ashamed, and some who are rebellious, and some who will not even receive the scroll as though, by not receiving it, they could consider that somehow it was never delivered and therefore its law does not apply to them. The folly of the backwards consciousness!

Alas, there are some already so depraved by their murderous acts that they are no more impressed by the doves of the Spirit or the thought form of the year than they are impressed by the murders which they commit with their own hands.

Where life is insensate, life does not exist. Those who are insensitive to life are the most dangerous of all creatures upon earth. Shun them! Beware of them! For they are always the instruments of death. Many are among the generation of youth. Many are teenagers who commit the grossest of crimes in this very city and nation.

Pray that angels of light will displace these dark figures in the state of their own dissolution and that, while there are yet bodies, there may also be angels who guard against the penetration of those bodies by the darkest of spirits and astral momentums.

I pray that you will consider, as you go into deep meditation, the taking of your own pen and the writing of your own proclamation of freedom from every binding habit and from all banal influences to which you have allowed yourself to be subjected. Write the story that you perceive the glory of the Woman should proclaim for you in this hour of the celebration of your natal day in heaven.[33]

1983 The bluebird of happiness bearing the message of the Christ incarnate

A mighty angel of the LORD delivers to me a scroll. And upon it, performed in the magnificent artwork of a cosmic being, assisted by beloved Paul the Venetian, there is the image, as above so below, of a bird of happiness, a bird of paradise. It is intensely blue. The breast of the bird, much like the breast of a robin, is a ruby and rose. And beyond the breast, translucent, one sees the skillful designing of a threefold flame. It is like the bluebird of happiness. It is like the robin in spring that brings hope of a new season and a new life. But it is an etheric bird that combines the qualities of both and more, for it sings the most beautiful song of heaven.

This thoughtform of the bird is a representation of Alpha himself, as Alpha would come closer to earth this year by releasing millions of these birds out of the etheric octave and into the physical.

The threefold flame of the heart is the sign that the bird bears the message of Christ incarnate to every child of God. And the threefold flame is the point of Alpha—Alpha’s spirit coming to the earth to comfort the people.

The bird is reminiscent of the doves that did not return after the Flood and of the rainbow of promise of a new day.[34] The bird reminds one of the messengers of God of past ages and of all the archetypal virtues that the birds bring, such as the eagle from Sirius.

Last but not least, this bird with the image of the threefold flame behind the ruby breast is a sign to elemental life that the hour is indeed coming when, because the sons of God all give devotion to that flame, the elementals may also gain a point of the Trinity and earn their immortality. The bird brings remembrance of blessed Jesus and the sign of his coming, and of beloved Saint Francis, and the cross that is formed in the air.[35] The bird is a sign of hope that the souls of light may also fly, and follow the currents to a place prepared.

This bluebird, with the rose and fiery ruby, has the yellow beak and little feet, completing a threefold flame. And the eyes that see so much is the eye of the watch bird, watching you. The eyes, therefore, change as they respond to the auras of the people. And as one meditates upon these eyes, one sees, also, and remembers, that the eye of the Virgin of Guadalupe contains all inside a message in itself and a confirmation of her appearance to Juan Diego. Therefore, beloved, in the eye of the bird can been seen a mirror of nature, of heaven, of the soul, and even of the auras of the seed of the wicked.

These birds throughout the world, who will speak to the souls of God’s people, will warn, will comfort, will teach as a sign and a presence of their own Christ Self and the Buddhas. It is Alpha’s gift, and our Father does release now these birds from his heart. Millions fly through his cosmic heart and come—wise and almost as angels, thoughtforms of the mind of God. And what is so rare, beloved, is that Alpha in his own heart contains many millions of qualities.

No two of these birds are alike. Millions of birds, each carrying a virtue—not as cut out of the same mold or cookie cutter, as you would say of mechanization man, but each one uniquely embracing a portion of Alpha’s flame. Thus, the thoughtform for the year 1983 is the single bird, as God is One. But in manifestation, they are millions. Thus you may also understand, as the birds land on your shoulder, that you are also one, and worthy, and facets of the song of Alpha and Omega and the lullaby that the Cosmic Mother sings—one bird, and the many out of one, and the one out of many.

And when in the round of cycles these birds return to the heart of Alpha, they shall approach in a mighty V. But when they enter his heart, it shall be one bird entering the heart of Alpha. For all shall return to the mystical body of the One, the thoughtform itself. And it is true of elemental life, if you can understand the nature of the group soul.[36]

1984 Kuan Yin’s scroll to the children of the Sun

The angel of Sanat Kumara does deliver to me the scroll, the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1984. [pause]

As I open the scroll, I see before me a rendering of the Lady Kuan Yin. And in her grace, she is portrayed with a scroll in her right hand tied with that violet ribbon. And the scroll is symbolically the one that becomes the many, one for each child of the sun on earth, that in some hour of this year 1984 shall be delivered to the heart and the soul in the etheric octave of the child of the sun.

Each and every child of the sun on earth shall receive this scroll. The scroll contains the life record since the first incarnation in Mater. It does contain the debit and credit side of the ledger. It does contain a list of that which must be balanced, which must be paid, and that which is, as it were, money in the bank of the causal body as light that has ascended to heaven on account. It shows the karma remaining, that which is to be balanced, the dharma to be fulfilled, and does mark the projected hour and designated time of that one’s fulfillment of courses of incarnations to the moment of the ascension in the light.

Beloved ones, not only does this come as a dispensation of Alpha and Omega and the Four and Twenty Elders, but it does come from the heart of Sanat Kumara who gave leave to the Lady Kuan Yin to make this promise long, long ago to the children of the sun. It is the promise of a bodhisattva that ere her work should be completed, she should find each one and deliver the Law’s own mandate for the fulfillment of Love’s victory.

Therefore understand, beloved hearts, that finally there is an engram, as some would see it, like a Chinese character. But this is an engram that represents the individual’s personal formula for the victory of love. It is a yantra. It is a mantra. It is a focus of light that can be assimilated and used by each child of the heart of Kuan Yin, each child of the Sun Mother.

Blessed ones, this formula and this engram of light will be internalized by you as you give the mantras of Kuan Yin. May the blessed one be remembered and revered, for the heart of Kuan Yin is the open door to love—and to love and to love.[37]

1985 The image of planet Earth restored

There is passed to me now from the Keeper of the Scrolls the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1985. It is the image of planet Earth restored—karma balanced, axis straightened. It is sealed in the etheric sheath and thus appears as a shimmering sphere of light. The configurations of landmasses and seas are not exactly as they are today, signifying the true etheric matrix of that which is to be in the golden age.

Present in the canvas that is drawn, at the lower left, is an anchor, an anchor such as used by Maitreya in his clipper ship. It signifies the anchoring of planet Earth in the bedrock of Maitreya’s consciousness. In the upper right corner are the scales, signifying the balance of all forces and karmic cycles.

In the lower right-hand corner is the sacred heart of the Christ, full blossoming with a fleur-de-lis and the white rose of the Mother. Diamond and bejeweled with the gems of the City Foursquare, this heart is the sign of the disciples of the path of the ruby ray who enter into the union of the cross of Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Jesus, and Maitreya.

And in the upper left-hand corner there is the image of the City Foursquare, the New Jerusalem that descends out of heaven[38] as the etheric matrix lowered for the community of the Holy Spirit forged and won by the called-out ones. Beneath that symbol is the outline of the mountains of the Inner Retreat.

Thus, in these signs you may understand the mighty work of the ages of your souls to seal the earth in the bedrock of the path of Maitreya by the anchor itself for the conquest of sea and water. The balance that is held is in the Mind of God through the scales. The sacred fire of the heart is the victory of the Spirit as the Word made flesh. Fire in Matter signifies the union of heaven and earth in the chakra supreme in the body temple. And the descending city is the pattern and blueprint whereby the etheric octave becomes physical, proven once and then proven again and again as a formula of Life varying in each continent and place that shall spring up as the whole world receives the education of the heart.

May you pray for the precipitation of these four symbols in the hearts of all lightbearers, that the cardinal points of earth and the gates of the city might be kept.[39]

1986 The Mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius

There comes to me an angel of the Keeper of the Scrolls. There comes an angel descending from the heart of Sanat Kumara, from the heart of the Central Sun. And the Solar Logoi have sent, therefore sealed, the thoughtform for this year, 1986.

I unroll the scroll of light, and oh, what a fiery scroll it is, beloved! Upon this scroll is inscribed the full outpicturing of the Mighty Blue Eagle—the angel formation of the legions of the God Star Sirius. This blue eagle takes the form, for this action for this planetary body, of the bald eagle of the United States of America. Yet it is blue, and when you study its components you will see that every feather and part is a blue-flame angel. And it is a vast formation that fills the starry heavens.

Beloved, the true and royal form of the flag of the I AM Race is the background of this eagle. It is the banner of Light. It is the Old Glory that has become America’s flag. And yet it contains the secret within it of new developments within this nation which are to unfold.

The starry field represents initiates, and therefore its numbers may not be counted according to the outer. And the thirteen tribes are represented in this flag in the ruby and white, for it is [the red stripes are] not yet represented as the gold.[40] The ruby, therefore, has the filigree line of gold on either side of the stripe separating it from the white, thus signifying the path of the ruby ray and of the Body and Blood of Christ for the attainment of the ascension through those stars which I cannot number, for it is not lawful for me to reveal it.

These stars represent not only states but tribes of the nations. They represent compartments of root races. They represent the seed of Christ, the archetypal blueprint of all those who may ascend under the canopy of the Central Sun, its focus in the God Star, assisted by the protection of the Mighty Blue Eagle formation of angels.

Beloved, behind this there is a unique map of the earth. Laid out in spherical design, this map is translucent. And by means of adjustment electronically, one can look at the earth in this and past ages, going back as long as evolutions of Light have been on it and showing in those periods the various land masses, how the seas and landed areas were formed and how they are in this present era.

That which is center, beneath the heart of the Mighty Blue Eagle, is that portion of the earth that is indeed represented as the Western Hemisphere. Above that, the banner of the I AM Race.

Beloved ones, the sign of the thoughtform of the year is this: to restore in this hemisphere, specifically in the United States and in Canada (if her people and Keepers of the Flame do will it so), the return to the founding principles of freedom, the return by revolution of the Spirit—by education and enlightenment, by the path of the ruby and the gold and the white and the stars in the field of the blue-flame will of God—to the original divine design which Saint Germain held in his heart for this nation to be the instrument of the return of Lightbearers to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth and to their own ascension in the Light, that they may walk the earth once again as ascended beings to be the teachers of those not yet ascended and to bring this earth back to that point of that golden-age civilization seventy thousand years ago and in some cases millions of years ago.

Thus, beloved, this great thoughtform, which is large in dimension, does also retain at the very top the paintings of Saint Germain and Jesus, originally done by Charles Sindelar, and the Chart of the I AM Presence. When all of this is seen together in the grandeur of dimension, you can see that it fits very well on this giant tapestry.

This tapestry of the thoughtform of the year woven by angels will hang in the Grand Teton Retreat for all to see. It shows that America shall return, deserving to be, then, the nation sponsored by Saint Germain, her people going forth to transfer his science, his economy, his religion, his way of life, which represents that of the entire Great White Brotherhood, to every nation.

It shows that there is a key, and the key is that America must come to her original purpose and fulfill it. She has ever been established and sponsored by Saint Germain as the guru nation. Thus, though the chelas of Saint Germain and of America throughout the world may have in some areas perfected and gone beyond the disciplines of the people in this nation, yet the mantle has not yet been taken from them to restore the earth to the place of peace and freedom.

Thus, in the lower portion of the tapestry one can see the multitudes, and they come from every nation and they represent every tribe and race and people and color and evolution. And as these multitudes approach from the south this map of North America, there is in the center the dove of the Holy Spirit, the dove of peace. In anticipation of the presentation of this thoughtform at this hour, Lightbearers have been coming for decades and centuries from around the world that they or their progeny could be here in the hour of the renewal of the flame of the Spirit of Liberty.

Beloved ones, in the tapestry that proceeds out from around the maps there is a portrayal of major shrines of liberty of the earth, most notable that of the Goddess of Liberty on the right and the Grand Teton on the left.

Thus, beloved, it is an endless story that is woven into this tapestry, and it shows that the people of earth must bend the knee and confess the eternal Christ in the heart of Jesus, in the heart of Saint Germain, and in the heart of their own I AM Presence....

Thus, the thoughtform for the year may appear complex, but then the organization, the Path, and even the awareness of the average chela has also become complex in a nuclear and space age—an age of computers and technology accelerating the capacity of the mind to know Truth in every area of learning.

Thus, I say to you, beloved, that the complexity of your understanding of the Path can always be reduced to the simple simplicity of the Law of the One. When you study and know what we have taught through our many representatives, the Ascended Masters, you are the more able to feed my sheep.

Therefore, some of you will identify yourselves as a part of the body of the Mighty Blue Eagle, some of you as a part of those who minister at the altar of the I AM Presence and Saint Germain and Jesus. Others will see yourselves feeding and caring for the multitudes; others, the building of the Inner Retreat; others, the dealing with the nations and bringing them to the proper chord of response to our message. This tapestry, then, establishes an outline—whether within or without, whether in the maps of the earth in the ancient ages—of the Path for everyone who is to ascend through this dispensation and thoughtform.[41]

1987 A Proclamation from the God Star Sirius to the People of Earth

Now then, to comfort ye all, a messenger of Sirius walks down the aisle of this room to hand to me here in this place (where I AM also even as I AM in the golden sphere approaching) the scroll containing the thoughtform for the year 1987.

Beloved ones, it is “A Proclamation from the God Star Sirius to the People of Earth.” I shall read it to you:

O people of Earth, the Four and Twenty Elders speak to you in this hour, and in our speaking we send light rays to activate and quicken consciousness.

People of Earth, the Lord God has sent to you his Son Saint Germain in this hour of trouble. Hear him. Heed him. Know him.

To that end, we impress upon the ethers the image, the word, the vibration of Saint Germain and the blueprint of Aquarius—Aquarius, then, as a sign and as a sphere, as a grid of light, of lines connected by Maltese crosses. This geometric form, in the shape of planet Earth, is represented in white lines on a field of dark blue. This thoughtform, O people of Earth, is the matrix that you may determine and decide to fill in in order that you might make the change to Aquarius.

People of Earth, we show you, then, the handwriting on the wall. We show you that surely there shall come upon you the full karma and karmic accountability delivered by the Four Horsemen and in the seven last plagues delivered by the Archangels. None will stay the hand of this descent unless you turn from your ways at once and embrace the Master and his gift of the violet flame.

People of Earth, the time has run out. Your destructive ways have gone too far and the Great Law cannot allow it to continue. Therefore, from the Great Central Sun come messengers of Light, legions of angels in the service of the God Surya. These angels are sent to the side of every man, woman, and child of Earth to transmit to your senses the oncoming tide that at a certain point cannot be turned back.

These angels will lead you at inner levels to the Royal Teton Retreat and on the outer to the teachings of Saint Germain. Heed him and heed these teachings and you will discover the gift of miracles and the gift of prophecy. You will learn the science of changing the future by transmuting the past. You may become alchemists in the twinkling of an eye if you so choose. You may discover God within your heart and live forever.

Seek and find Saint Germain! He is the Master who once again pledges his life to the deliverance of Earth.

People of Earth, it is the last time. This Master of Light therefore comes in a final intercession in a final hour. May the children of the Sun run to greet him with Portia standing in the Seventh Ray waiting to take you each one by the hand.

People of Earth, this is our message. It is brief and to the point. The Teaching is set forth. The Opportunity is given. Take it and be free.

Beloved, this proclamation is signed by the hand of the God Surya and each one of the names of the Four and Twenty Elders is written in gold as signature. These names have never before been released and they shall not be pronounced to you, but they are written in the proclamation and therefore may be known by you at inner levels.[42]

1988 A tapestry of the Great Buddha Sanat Kumara

From the heart of Avalokitesvara I release to you, then, the thoughtform for the year 1988: This thoughtform is a vast tapestry where the Great Buddha Sanat Kumara—and Buddha upon Buddha of the mind of the Avalokitesvara—is in the center surrounded by Buddhas of various octaves, and hierarchies and bodhisattvas, bhikkhus, brothers and sisters. Thus, this great tapestry, which is imprinted within each and every lifestream at the mental level, the mental belt of the planet, does show pictorially the way of the Guru/chela relationship and how it has been translated in the earth through the path of Padma that leads to Maitreya that leads to my heart.

This tapestry, then, becomes alive and living, and it is open on all sides so that in the out-of-the-body state, almost in the dream state of desiring an escape, the soul may step forth from the body and enter the tapestry. Those devotees of God Buddha at the extreme edges of the tapestry are those to whom earth’s evolutions may most easily relate. Thus, beloved, it is possible for the individual to choose to enter the tapestry [through the Diamond Heart of the Ascended Master closest to his own vibration and path], which becomes for him, then, a teeming cosmos of [ascended and unascended] beings all on the Path, all a part of this becoming, all approaching the heart of Sanat Kumara and in that heart finding the nexus and the point of self-transcendence unto the One.

The thoughtform of the year is the living, breathing reality of the etheric octave itself and the place of the mystery schools that pertain to this Path. Thus, beloved, by impressing this thoughtform and these images in the psyche, in the inner finer bodies, by fire and water, by air and earth, by every form of element, [the Solar Logoi have seen to it that] the soul may find the way out, heed the Call, make the call and extricate herself—by two hands placed in two other hands extended from Above—from the shrinking box of karmic experience or karmic finality.

Blessed hearts, our beloved God, our beloved Avalokitesvara in the heart of the Solar Logoi have conceived this thoughtform as “The Way Out for 1988.” May the knowledge of the path of the bodhisattvas, the disciples unto Christhood, the sisters and brothers of mercy, of wisdom, of golden ages be made known, become popular, until all who count in the earth because they count themselves worthy shall be buzzing with talk of Maitreya’s Mystery School—that special place shown on the tapestry where the outline of the mountains surrounding this our retreat and the river and the valley floor are unmistakable—and with talk of the great boon that on the way to the heart of Sanat Kumara one can pass through the Mystery School that is physical for the refinement and the refiner’s fire.[43]

0000213 buddha-of-the-ruby-ray-5-x-7-by-jp-mathis.jpeg

1989 The Buddha of the Ruby Ray in the heart of the earth

The design of the thoughtform for the year 1989 does reveal, beloved, the planetary body in a transparency of light as the etheric thoughtform is placed over the lower quadrants of Matter. Looking through this sphere, one sees, then, in the very heart of the earth, designed in a dimension larger than life, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray and all of his court and angels and the mighty legions of the Ruby Ray.

Blessed ones, you must see them to know how the quality of profound compassion and love can be combined in their visages with the fierceness and intensity of the delivery of the Ruby Ray sword into the very teeth of Unreality and Evil and abject ignorance of the Law. Thus the thoughtform of the year does reveal that the passage to the New Day is through the very heart of that golden center where the Buddha of the Ruby Ray does hold the balance for earth....

So, beloved, earth is seen—as there is revealed in this thoughtform the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in the heart of the earth—as the springboard for victory that may shoot across this galaxy and many others. For this momentum begun, if truly nourished and upheld, shall not be stopped, for the momentum is the laser beam of the Ruby Ray of God.

Thus, beloved, the transparent, translucent, transformed planetary body as it shimmers in a whiteness and a rainbow color does reveal the ruby of [the Buddha of the Ruby Ray,] the Blood of Christ, the white of the planet, the Body of Christ. Thus in the Alpha and the Omega of the events which shall follow, because you have accepted golden illumination’s flame for attunement [and for] an increased capacity of the Mind of God, we shall see a Victory unparalleled, a promise fulfilled, and all of you who have come with Sanat Kumara and all who have waited to this hour redeemed and fulfilled and truly satisfied in the Law which you have attended for so long.[44]

1990 A device illustrating the transformation through which the earth must pass

Blessed ones, a being of Light from the Central Sun does deliver to me the thoughtform for the year 1990. It is the thoughtform not only for this year but for this decade and some cycles beyond.

This thoughtform, beloved, is truly a cosmic masterpiece! For this being does unveil something that there are not words in the English language to describe. It is a device, shall we say, that does illustrate in three and four dimensions, through a great sphere, every step of transformation through which the earth body and its evolutions must pass in order to come to the New Day when the resurrection flame may once again be the option of the embodied Lightbearers.

Blessed ones, increment by increment of change may be dialed on this great sphere that is a many-dimensional map of the earth body, showing the earth from the very center to extended levels of the atmosphere and beyond into that space that is around the planet. Thus, by using this very complex computer, if you would call it that, you may dial to the present moment, to any month or day of the year of this period and see what the light requires as transmutation, as transfiguration, as change and see how the earth does respond to that step-up and what, then, may be the consequences.

Since the element of free will is at hand, one can see what would be the difference if certain percentages of the lifewaves of earth did embody the flames of God, how this would make the difference in what would transpire or what would be the power of chemicalization and the abruptness or the smoothness [of the process]. Therefore you may dial in the consequences of many choices [and know by a projection into the future exactly what the consequences of humanity’s exercise of free will might be].

This is the type of instrument that one would see in the retreat of Cuzco or in the God Star, Sirius. Now it is placed within the retreat of Cuzco and, as you know, only Ascended Masters frequent this retreat. It is there for the use of the Ascended Masters in guiding the humanity and the evolutions of this planet through their course. But its very presence in the earth means, beloved, that by meditation, by inner attunement, you may gain an inner awareness of these cycles.

Lend yourselves to them, lend your decrees to them and see how you can be instrumental in the very best outcome that can be admitted. It is a thoughtform, beloved, immensely useful to the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and hence to you as chelas of the Ascended Masters.

Powerful angels of Light of Surya transport this instrument to the location prepared for it in Cuzco’s retreat. From time to time you will receive dictations giving you the awareness of where the planet is in this process of transformation.[45]

1991 The sign of fire descending

So the angel does bring to me now the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1991. As you can well imagine, beloved, it is a scroll on which is painted the heavenly hues of the sacred fire. This is a scroll that moves. All upon it is alive. Flames are in motion. And in each of the thousands and millions of flames portrayed of every hue of the qualification of God there is a noble one of heaven manifest.

By the means of fire, beings of Light shall descend to earth. As long as there is fire and fire increasing, they shall stay....

This thoughtform, then, is the sign of fire descending, not ascending. It is the fire of descending holy ones of God, and even the Dhyani Buddhas come much closer now than they have been before....

Thus, as you look at the scroll, beneath the fire and the descent of heaven's fiery ones you can also see the panorama of that which cannot meet or match that fire. And those who move against that fire for the false belief that theirs is better, they will be in turmoil and in tempest, they will engage in their battles and their wars, they will attempt to draw the Lightbearers in, as they have always done.

But we know, for the thoughtform of the year tells us and your hearts tell us, that the fire upon this mountain will be kept as antidote for all of that. If the earth go through a purging and a purification and a complete alchemicalization, beloved, I say to you, what is that to thee? Follow thou the Buddha of your heart, the Christ who is the shepherd of your soul![46] In the stillness of the sangha above and beneath the earth, the Buddha awaits you.[47]

1992 The Great Tao

The thoughtform of the year, beloved, is also the Great Tao. But within the Tao are the worlds within worlds of turning, all of the points of manifestation in seed form in dots of Light that shall go forth to become worlds in themselves.

Thus, the manifestation of balance of cosmic forces is the key to the victory in this year and decade and age. When you hold in your heart and body this balance of Light within Light, then know that the power of God that can manifest in you can work wonders beyond your sense of self....

Balance is represented this year in the thoughtform of the scales as well as that of the Great Tao and other symbols that convey to levels of the mind keys to the unconscious that tell the soul that this is truly the year for Divine Justice in every way.[48]

0000212 all-seeing-eye-of-god-5-x-7 600.jpeg

1993 The All-Seeing Eye of God

And now there is handed to me the scroll of the thoughtform of the year 1993, as you calculate the cycles. So this thoughtform, beloved, is unmistakable and clear. This single thoughtform is being multiplied a billion times everywhere! You will not turn a foot in time or space without this thoughtform being present.

It is the All-Seeing Eye of God, beloved—the most needed faculty of Divine Love on the part of every person and those who have not yet personhood but must win it through their own Christ Self and Inner Buddha.

I AM the Lord of the World. Therefore I have something to say this night to the evolutions of earth. The [thoughtform of the] All-Seeing Eye of God is given that you might see, that you might open your eyes, that you might look through the single eye of God and know what is real and what is unreal, what is the illusion that leads you astray and what is the path that is real and necessary for your fulfillment.[49]

1994 A composite map of light and darkness

And so we gather here and the Keeper of the Scrolls does come bearing the thoughtform for the year 1994. The year shows increasing complexity of challenges, almost—and note I say almost—defying solution. The solution, of course, is always in the universal solvent of the violet flame and the secret rays of Cosmos and the unique vibration of the white fire core of each of the seven rays.

So, then, with the complexification of life and karma and the coming to the surface of consciousness of more and more tangled threads and knotty knots that must be undone, presenting challenges that most consider or shall consider (when they come upon them) too difficult to resolve, I therefore give to you a complex thoughtform for the year:

This thoughtform can be reduced to a single map. But behind that single map showing the karma and the karmic potential of the earth and the Light and the Light potential of the earth, there are many, many maps.

Thus I am here and in the Royal Teton Retreat simultaneously. I am in a room called the great map room. And therefore we with the Lords of Karma, the Dhyani Buddhas and other councils gather to examine the maps that show the records of Light and Darkness, of wars of infamy and wars of light and liberation....

Thus there is the great map that is the thoughtform for the year. It is made up of a composite map of Light and a composite map of Darkness, which when superimposed one upon the other make up the single thoughtform for the year 1994.[50]

1995 The manifest presence of the Great Central Sun

The thoughtform for the year 1995 is the manifest presence of the Great Central Sun. And within the sphere of the Sun you can see your Father-Mother God, beloved Alpha, beloved Omega, who represent the beginning and the ending of your cycles of going out from and coming in to the heart of the Sun.[51]

This manifestation of the Great Central Sun is brought to you as a dispensation to assist your passage in the dark night through which earth and her evolutions must pass. And as the darkness becomes darker because of descending karma, so you will have before you the vision of the Great Central Sun. It is brighter, far brighter than the sun of your solar system. It is a spiritual sun as well as a physical sun.

Therefore, by meditating upon the specific point of a physical central sun, which you often associate with the God Star, Sirius, you may also look to the Sun behind the sun, that spiritual, unknowable Sun-center. And you may meditate upon Ein Sof, the unknowable, indescribable God.

I say, face the Sun of your I AM Presence daily. Face the sun of Helios and Vesta and recognize that all sons and daughters of God in all planes of being throughout the Matter cosmos have the possibility of meditating upon the Great Central Sun through the Sun of their I AM Presence and the sun of Helios and Vesta.

This meditation can produce in you a feeling of intense heat or a glow over the third-eye chakra and surrounding the head as a halo. With concentrated visualization daily, you can establish such a strong heart tie to the Great Central Sun as to make you almost oblivious to the darkness of the earth. You must always put this darkness behind you. And when you invoke your tube of light, visualize the rays of the Great Central Sun streaming down upon you within and without.[52]

In 1995 a large white cross with a circle at the nexus of the two bars was positioned outside King Arthur’s Court overlooking the Yellowstone River. Lit from below at night, the cross could be seen from the highway and surrounding area.

1996 The cosmic cross of white fire

The thoughtform for the year, beloved, must be delivered after the midnight hour of the previous year. This is a matter of astrology. When that thoughtform is released, sometime after the clock strikes twelve, there is, then, that moment when it actually comes into an etheric-physical manifestation. Therefore I did not deliver it earlier.

Blessed ones, the messenger’s communion with me, and I with her, though her not aware of my presence, brought about the manifestation of the thoughtform for the year, which you all have seen. It is the cosmic cross of white fire with a circle at the nexus of the two bars. This is a magnificent thoughtform. And it is the co-workers here at the ranch who created it and made it physical. They even draped the trees with the lights of the causal body going out from the center beneath the cross. That circle, beloved, is the circle of oneness of Alpha and Omega with all those who bear and wear the sign of that cross, the cosmic cross of white fire.

As you know, the staff have given to the messenger, for the fourteenth anniversary of the marriage of Edward and Elizabeth, a cross of white fire. Meditating on this cross, she realized that all could have recourse to healing through the diamonds of that cross.

And so you see, beloved, that cross became the gigantic cross and now the cosmic cross of white fire that you might call upon. The messenger has stated that she would always wear this [diamond] cross on her person so that if you have a sudden need you may call to the causal body of the messenger and to that cross and know a tie to the higher causal bodies of the messengers and twin flames ascended.

Now, beloved, remember the Tao. Remember the T’ai Chi. Remember the vertical bar signifying your ascent to God and the horizontal bar signifying the work you have remaining to do on planet earth.

So I have delivered this to you, beloved. And I have purposely not told you at what hour this came into being. Thus it will have an unknown astrology, and yet the thoughtform shall be your banner and your battle cry.[53]

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial, frequently referred to as the Iwo Jima Memorial

1997 The Iwo Jima Memorial

The thoughtform for the year 1997 was announced by Sanat Kumara:

Beloved ones, the thoughtform for the year 1997 is none other than the Iwo Jima Memorial. I have chosen this thoughtform, for it shows the unity and oneness of those who have fought and won on foreign soils, especially in the Pacific arena. I have chosen this, beloved, so that you might see that it takes a concerted effort of many to plant the banner of Old Glory, to plant the banner of Sanat Kumara, to plant the banner of Maitreya, to carry the banner and to know one’s strength as you rally round the banner of Sanat Kumara.

Let that memorial be a memory to you that against all odds the United States of America won World War II, World War I. Yes, beloved, the wars were won because people sacrificed, they surrendered, they were selfless and they were not surfeited in their own human consciousness and the things of the world and the things of darkness. Of those who were the winners in those days, many have reincarnated today. Many of them are your own children.

So, beloved, what man has done, man can do. Let us be up and doing, for the hour is far spent and the world awaits the coming of the legions of Sanat Kumara, the Keepers of the Flame and the lightbearers of every continent. So may you all stand and rejoice for the victory of your nations![54]

1998 Mother Mary nurturing the children of the world

I AM Lord Gautama and I AM the one who watches over you, and I also bring to you each year the thoughtform for the year. Thus, listen well as I speak of this thoughtform.

This thoughtform comes from the heart of your blessed Mother Mary. It is she who desires to nurture all children of the world. And therefore that thoughtform shall bring to you tremendous Power, Wisdom and Love for the caring of children, millions upon millions of children, and especially those who are without parents.

May you extend your hand toward these little ones. May you bring them to a new awareness of God. May you tutor them. May you help them understand their chakras, the centers of light within their beings. Heal the children of the world, beloved, and you shall heal your own heart as well.[55]


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