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The transfiguration of Jesus, Carl Heinrich Bloch

The transfiguration is an initiation on the path of the ascension that takes place when the initiate has attained a certain balance and expansion of the threefold flame.

The transfiguration occurs before the crucifixion and is preparatory to it. The light of the transfiguration descends that we might have the pattern of perfection impressed upon our four lower bodies, so that we might withstand, in the hour of the crucifixion, the great weight that is placed upon us in the physical plane as we undergo the fourteen stations of the cross. The pattern that is released through the transfiguration is then impressed upon us again through the ritual of the resurrection when we have proved the victory over death.

The initiations following the Last Judgment

The Last Judgment is the ritual through which the sons and daughters of God must pass in preparation for the final test of the sacred fire and their ultimate reunion with the God Presence. This is the judgment that is reserved for the blessed Servant Sons referred to in the Book of Revelation, who “loved not their lives unto the death.”[1] The Ascension Temple at Luxor is the place prepared for the last judgment of those who have passed through the schoolroom of earth and earned the right to sit at the right hand of God.[2]

If for one reason or another the disciple who has earned his ascension is unable to ascend directly from the physical plane at the close of his final embodiment, he is brought to the Ascension Temple in his finer bodies where the ascension ceremonies are performed. In rare cases, the initiations are given to those retaining a physical body.

The Ascension Temple on the Nile River in Egypt is a part of the retreat at Luxor, which is presided over by Serapis Bey. A few miles from the focus is a pyramid, also superimposed with etheric activity. Here in the upper room of the pyramid is the King’s Chamber, where the initiations of the transfiguration and the resurrection take place.

The transfiguration of Jesus

The initiation of the transfiguration is preliminary to the resurrection because it involves the pre-elimination of the misqualified substance remaining in the forcefield of the candidate for Christhood, the final balancing of the threefold flame, the alignment of the four lower bodies, the victory of the caduceus and the raising of the Seed Atom.

Jesus gave a public demonstration of this initiation when he appeared transformed before the disciples with Moses and Elias. The record of this event has been preserved in three of the gospels:

And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering. And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias: Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem. But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw his glory, and the two men that stood with him.[3]

Jesus demonstrated the transfiguration publicly in order to give his disciples a foretaste of the kingdom of God and to prepare them to undergo the same eventual transformation in their own souls and bodies. To accomplish this the Master transported them to a higher dimension of God’s consciousness, parting the veil that they might see divine personages and a divine event not normally beheld by mortals.

The transfiguration

Description of the transfiguration

To transfigure means “to change the form or appearance of; to exalt or glorify.” The transfiguration takes place when the Father Supreme, manifesting through the individualized God Presence of the disciple, commands the white-fire core in the heart of every cell and atom in his four lower bodies to expand and to maximize the brilliance of the light. This command is given in response to the invocation by the initiate of the final balancing of his threefold flame. It is given because he is supremely ready for the transfiguration.

As the atomic energies are released from within the nuclei of his own being, the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet pours through the lifestream, raising the vibratory rate of the atoms and cells, bringing his four lower bodies into alignment with the divine pattern. While this is taking place, the Magnet draws to itself the remaining residue of misqualified substance lodged between the atoms and electrons. Finally, the fires of the seven rings that surround the Seed Atom (the Kundalini) are activated, intensifying the caduceus action; the focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet in the Lodestone of the Presence draws the Seed Atom from the base chakra up the spine. As it ascends, it opens each chakra to its greatest capacity, releasing the impetus of the Holy Spirit to the four lower bodies.

Rising through the planes of Matter and Spirit to the crown chakra, the Seed Atom (the Divine Mother) unites with the Lodestone (the Divine Father); and the thousand-petaled lotus unfolds. At the moment when the union of the Father-Mother God takes place, the greatest release of the Christ Light through the heart chalice occurs, and the transfiguration is complete.

Within the dimension of his Christ-identity, man is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He has circular vision, his countenance shines in the full glory of the Christ, his blood becomes golden liquid Light: he is the conqueror of mortality. Free at last from the bondage of the flesh, he may maintain life in his physical body for hundreds of years as Saint Germain and other ascended masters have done, or he may proceed within a few days or weeks to go through the ritual of the resurrection. Thus, when God in man appears no longer as man, but as God, we behold that man is transfigured.

The flame in the heart of every cell and atom is actually a miniature threefold flame. As the plumes of these millions of threefold flames expand in response to the impetus of the Great Magnet, they arise from the base of each cell as dormant flowers greet the warmth of the sun. Swirling upward, they follow the spherical form of the cell and then return from the northern pole of the cell along the center axis to the base pole, forming the shape of a heart—the diamond heart. This action of the flames within the cells signifies the transfer of the patterns of the Christ Self into manifestation in the four lower bodies. Thus, we find that the Image of the Christ is destined to be outpictured within every cell. He is the Central Sun of each microcosmic universe within the body of man.

If the transfiguration has not occurred before the disciple arrives at Luxor, or before his transition from the physical to the etheric plane, it will occur sometime after the ritual of the Final Judgment. In cases where the Law requires the transfiguration to follow immediately after the ritual, the disciple is taken directly from the court to the highest room in the Pyramid. There he is left alone to commune with the Father; and as his consciousness merges with that of Universal Reality, his transfiguration takes place.

The guardian angels, the mighty seraphim who are everywhere present at Luxor, watch over the disciple during the transfiguration experience to prevent the interference of the negative momentums of the mass consciousness that are pitted against the Christ in every man. Their protection enables the disciple to concentrate entirely upon his initiation and to use his full capacity to make complete attunement with his God Presence and with the Great Central Sun Magnet.

The meaning of the transfiguration

Jesus speaks of the meaning of the transfiguration for the disciple on the Path:

Transfiguration is the means devised by the Godhead to free man from (1) all manipulations and degrading changes intended to de-evolutionize the race and (2) all that is not in complete unity with the seed-essence of God himself and with the sacred fire of the Mighty I AM Presence.

Through the acceleration of the electronic fire rings of the Presence that occurs during the initiation of the transfiguration, individuals are ‘stepped up’ in vibration and clothed with the seamless garment[4] of electronic light. This transfiguring light comes from the heart of God and passes through all illusion and human density which, cloudlike and cunning, seeks to conceal from their gaze, in a thousand allures and subterfuges, the latent divinity of the seed of Christ.

When this action of the transfiguration is initiated by the Presence and received by the soul in the fullness of God-awareness, a state of consciousness is entered into by the disciple wherein he no longer considers himself Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Mohammedan, or a member of a separate religious sect. Neither is he conscious any longer of racial characteristics stamped on the outer form; but, in the joy of the divinely blessed transfiguring experience, he is one (as I AM) with the pure, electronic white light of God’s sacred fire. This is the true initiation of the Holy Spirit through each one’s Holy Christ Self.

The effect of God’s light upon man’s consciousness is great joy and peace. When the light and fire of God flow through him like a crystal-clear river of Life,[5] washing away the former impressions of unhappiness, the glory and freedom he feels are boundless!

Every son of God can and should pass through the initiation of the transfiguration not merely as an Easter ritual, but as the once-in-a-lifetime mountaintop experience with the Ascended Masters Moses, Elijah, and myself, witnessed by the apostles. This is the gift of God to permanently change one’s life and to prepare the soul for succeeding initiations on the path of Christhood ere the resurrection can be attained.

The power of the transfiguration to change one life exemplifies the action of the sacred fire, whose transforming light is the miracle worker day by day, until the soul and four lower bodies of the disciple are prepared for the fullness of the all-enveloping transfiguration.

Such as these, proving the Law of Love step by step, descend the mountain and go forth (return to service at human levels) better equipped to render real assistance to their own friends, loved ones, and a world that hungers as never before to be filled with righteousness—the knowledge of the “right use” of all God’s powers. These are truly the meek who, full of divine strength, shall inherit the earth.[6]

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