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Those who experience fire as fire learn to internalize it through interludes of meditation, communion with the Earth Mother, yoga, breathing exercises, devotions, decrees or physical activities that balance and quicken the organs. Other methods that stimulate the assimilation of fire in the four lower bodies are listening to classical or religious music, engaging in rhythmic and creative activities, raising the Kundalini[1]—even deep sleep during which you take leave of the body temple for service with the heavenly hosts on the etheric plane. Work itself is a means of assimilation of fire.

  1. Some whose desire to raise the Kundalini fire is inordinate resort unwisely to a haphazard use of various forms of yoga or even illegal drugs. The raising of the Kundalini under the ascended masters’ tutelage is not a sudden burst of fire, but a gentle rising of strength and consciousness. The key to unlocking this energy of the Kundalini is adoration of the Mother Principle. The rosary is a safe and effective method of raising the Mother light by the fervent heat of love and adoration, without a violent eruption of energy.