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Whether there are ten or ten thousand kine on the hillsides, the group soul of each species continues to evolve; for its evolution is based not on numbers,[1] but on experience and the evolvement of habit patterns which are subject to man’s own expansion of the Christ consciousness. For animal life, strange as it may seem, is totally dominated by man’s awareness of God. Animals can rise no higher than man’s highest thoughts and feelings and actions, and they can fall no lower than his lowest. Animals have no free will of their own, but reflect the free will of man; for the dominion over the animal kingdom which God gave to man was the dominion of his Christ consciousness over the group soul.

  1. If numbers were necessary for the evolution of the group soul, it would not have been possible to transmit the accumulated soul awareness of each species through the male and female that God preserved on Noah’s ark (Genesis 6:19).