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The Universal Christ is the mediator between the planes of Spirit and the planes of Matter; personified as the Christ Self, he is the mediator between the Spirit of God and the soul of man. The Universal Christ sustains the nexus of (the figure-eight flow of) consciousness through which the energies of the Father (Spirit) pass to his children for the crystallization (Christ-realization) of the God flame by their souls’ strivings in the cosmic womb (matrix) of the Mother (Matter). This process is called materialization (Mater-realization), “The Descent.” The process whereby the soul’s coalesced energies of the Mother pass through the nexus of the Christ consciousness to the Father is the acceleration called spiritualization (Spirit-realization), “The Ascent.” Another name for the process whereby the soul’s energy returns from Matter to Spirit is sublimation (sublime action), or transmutation.