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The fusion of the energies of the positive and negative polarity of the Godhead in the creation takes place through the Universal Christ, the Logos without whom “was not any thing made that was made.” The flow of light from the Macrocosm to the microcosm, from the Spirit (the I AM Presence) to the soul and back again over the figure-eight spiral, is fulfilled through this blessed mediator, who is Christ, the Lord, the true incarnation of the I AM THAT I AM. Because Jesus Christ is that embodied Word he can say, “I AM [the I AM in me is] the Open Door (to heaven and earth) which no man can shut” and “All Power is given unto me [through the I AM in me] in heaven and in earth” and “Behold, I AM [the I AM in me is] alive forevermore—as Above, so below—and have the keys of the kingdom of heaven and the keys of hell and death, and to whomsoever the Father wills I give it, and it is given in his name.”