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The term “Christ” or “Christed one” also denotes an office in hierarchy held by those who have attained self-mastery on the seven rays and the seven chakras of the Holy Spirit. Christ-mastery includes the balancing of the threefold flame—the divine attributes of Power, Wisdom, and Love—for the harmonization of consciousness and the implementation of the mastery of the seven rays in the chakras and in the four lower bodies through the Mother Flame (raised Kundalini). At the hour designated for the ascension, the soul thus anointed raises the spiral of the threefold flame from beneath the feet through the entire form for the transmutation of every atom and cell of her being, consciousness, and world. The saturation and acceleration of the four lower bodies and the soul by this transfiguring light of the Christ Flame takes place in part during the initiation of the transfiguration, increasing through the resurrection and gaining full intensity in the ritual of the ascension.