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(2) Disciple (chela): The individual desires to enter into a bond with the master—to be taught directly by the master rather than through his published writings alone. The disciple answers the call of the master to leave his nets of karmic entanglements and worldly desire and follow him: “Come leave your nets, I will make you fishers of men.”[1] The disciple receives the initiations of the Cosmic Christ in the course of his service to the master. His heart, mind, and soul have begun to unfold a greater love as appreciation and gratitude for the teachings received in the previous level of student. This love is translated into action as self-sacrifice, selflessness, service, and surrender to the Person of the Christ, the Sun behind the Son of man of the master; when this step has been accelerated to the level of the “acceptable offering,” and the chela is engaged in balancing his threefold flame and his karma, he may be considered for the next step.

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