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My service then continues from the Darjeeling Retreat of the Brotherhood, where I am counseling, with other brothers of the will of God, so many of the evolutions of earth who serve in the governments of the nations, who serve as teachers and scientists and musicians, and those who control the flow of the will of God that is power, that is the abundance of supply. The will of God is applied in all levels of human endeavor, for the will of God is the blueprint of every project. It is the foundation of every task. It is the skeleton of your body. It is physical energy. It is etheric fire. The will of God is the fiery diamond in your heart.[1]

  1. El Morya, “To Awaken America to a Vital Purpose,” April 16, 1976, in Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lords of the Seven Rays, book 2, chapter 2.