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Helios, the Lord of the Dawn, and Vesta, the Mother of Eternal Cycles, are known as Presiding Solar Deities and are the representatives of the Father-Mother God in the Sun behind the sun of this solar system. Helios serves on the golden ray and his twin flame, Vesta, on the pink ray. Among the twelve solar hierarchies, they represent the hierarchy of Aries (the three o’clock line) to the evolutions of this system. This is the line of the Son of God, the only begotten One, and it is on this line that the Sun Presence of Helios and the Great Central Sun messengers focus the quality of God-control, which they amplify by the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet. This Magnet is the God-control of the flow of life through us, the flow of the energy of the Logos. This is the quality we must outpicture under the hierarchy of Aries.