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With the fragrance of heather I bring to your heart’s remembrance the love of twin flame and of little child. I bring to your heart the remembrance of love of the inner teacher. I am Leto, and heather is a symbol of my love of the Holy Spirit in nature and my devotion even to the light in the people of Scotland and the British Isles and many throughout the earth who are tied to me through the inner mystery schools and the work we have done together on the continent of Europe in the early ages when we set forth writings on the mysteries of Christ. It was a group of souls whose hearts were one, and we toiled into the night to leave a record and a memory of the indwelling light. Then again, you have come with me to the inner retreat of the Brotherhood in Persia where Cha Ara has called you to an understanding of the mysteries of the sacred fire and the path of Zarathustra.