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Their end is manifold, but it centers on the desire to steal the light of the threefold flame, to draw the lightbearers down into the valleys[1] of the pit itself where they would engage in the practices of darkness. And therefore, there are available fallen angels in embodiment to demonstrate the “way that seemeth right”—to provide the drugs, to direct the processing and to draw mechanization man into the entire conspiracy as they are set up as storefront manikins to be copied by the children of the light....

  1. The Second Book of Adam and Eve tells the story of the children of Jared, who were lured down the Holy Mountain of God by the children of Cain, who committed all manner of abominations and serenaded them with sensual music from the valley below. Jared was a descendant of Seth, the son born to Adam and Eve after Cain slew Abel. See “Prologue on the Sons of Jared” (taken from the Second Book of Adam and Eve), in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil, pp. 395–407.