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Keep on loving in the face of the most intense anger, hatred, pride, passion, ambition, fear, death and darkness projected against the alignment of your being with the Buddhas of the light.... Remember not to identify with the counterfeit stream of the darkened ones. Their stream is this anger and all of these perversions that I have named.... These are the energies that you will tame in my name. These are the energies that will pass through your chakras without resistance from yourself. And in passing through, they will become, by the alchemy of transmutation, the great River of Life that you can claim as your own.[1]

  1. Padma Sambhava, “Initiation—The Transfer of the Fivefold Secret-Ray Action of the Buddhas to All Who Will to Be Both Hearers and Doers of the Word,” December 5, 1977.