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Serapis tells us, “You ascend daily.” Our thoughts, our feelings, our daily deeds are all weighed in the balance. We do not ascend all at once, but by increments as we pass our tests and win our individual victories. The entire record of all our past lives and momentums of both good and evil must be counted; and then, when we have brought at least 51 percent of all the energy that has ever been allotted to us into balance with the purity and harmony of the Great God Self, we may be offered the gift of the ascension. The remaining 49 percent must be transmuted, or purified, from the ascended octaves through service to earth and her evolutions.[1]

  1. In addition to balancing 51 percent of one’s karma, the requirements for the ascension are to balance the threefold flame, align the four lower bodies, attain a certain mastery on all seven rays, achieve a degree of mastery over outer conditions, fulfill one’s divine plan, transmute the electronic belt, and raise the Kundalini.