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After she passed on, Thérèse lost no time doing that good on earth. The convent received thousands of accounts of healings, conversions and intercession attributed to Thérèse. In one moving account, Thérèse appeared to the prioress of an impoverished convent in Italy to give her five hundred francs needed for the debt of the community.[1] During World War I, many of the soldiers who had read Thérèse’s autobiography carried relics of her and pinned her picture on the dirt walls of their trenches. One French soldier tells of his harrowing experiences on the front lines. He and others prayed the rosary, and he called to Sister Thérèse. As the battle raged, he suddenly saw her standing at the foot of one of the guns. She said to him, smiling, “Fear not, I come here to protect you.” Not one of the soldiers fell, and they soon returned from the battle safe and sound.[2]

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