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As you give these affirmations aloud, there is the release of the flow of energy from your heart chakra, from the very heart center that is the seat of the threefold flame of Life. There is also the flow of the throat chakra in the power of the spoken Word setting the blueprint of your self-mastery. There is the flow of the all-seeing eye, the third-eye chakra, which we use to visualize the perfection of God and its precipitation in man. There is the flow of Light through the crown of life, the point of the lotus of the Buddhic consciousness. There is the flow of peace through the solar plexus. There is the flow of the seat-of-the-soul chakra, and finally there is the flow of the Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra. All of the chakras in your being are points for your realization of levels of God awareness.